Adventure Scouts

I remember my days as a scout. I learned a lot of valuable skills that I utilize on my adventures today. Each year I make an effort to buy many cookies from the current generation to fill the corners of my ship with.
    This international organization was founded by a middle aged halfling woman who loved both the great outdoors and being a mentor to children. It's free and accepts youth of all ages, species, genders, and abilities. Volunteers and members of Agi's Scales make up the staff. Funding comes from a combination of donations and cookie sales.    

Mission Statement

We strive to mold the new generations of Omari into caring and respectable individuals. Your children will learn a variety of life and survival skills while making friends. We do our best to include everyone and offer a wide selection of activities.   While not required, we also provide a safe environment to grow leadership skills. Many of our scouts move on to join the Scales or work in other community based fields. At the end of the day we hope to at least help the children learn to be more compassionate towards others.


  The Adventure Scouts are divided into three age categories, each forming a small troop lead by a staff member. There are several in each region. If none are currently available, interested individuals can contact the organization to form a chapter in their area.   Each troop leader usually has a preferred age range to mentor. Some work with species of similar life spans and decide to stick with their group through each tier. No matter the preference, they all dedicate a lot of time to their students.    


These are the youngest members. Individuals can join as early as six years old (or their species equivalent) and typically stay in this tier until the age of nine. They don't partake in the community service activities or long overnight stays but still have access to a number of age appropriate events.    


This tier consists of the mid range ages and stops around 13. More opportunities are open to these scouts and groups start going on longer trips. Basic survival skills are taught at this level as they spend more time outdoors.    


Named after the founder, these are the eldest scouts. They cover the teenage years and end when a member becomes an adult. Their activities are more advanced and not as strictly supervised. Apples often go on camping trips and small adventures with their leaders to the side being as hands off as possible.    


  Every scout wears an outfit consisting of a soft red, green, and brown color scheme. The primary uniform is a pair of comfortable shorts / pants paired with a shirt and vest. Adjustments can be made to fit various sensory and accessibility needs.   Bandannas and hats are common accessories and often used as an alternative badge placement for those who don't wear the vest. Other options for badges include bags and blankets.    


  Adventure Scouts have a plethora of crafts, outings, and other activities to choose from. Troop leaders typically plan around a theme for several weeks at a time. Often times each troop will vote on what to do next from a list provided by their mentor.   Camping is the most common type of adventure. Younger folks usually attend "day camps" while the older groups go on excursions lasting from a weekend to a full week. Scouts are able to learn more skills and then practice them during these trips.   Older scouts often go on other adventures. Their leaders have a database to choose from and set up fake mini quests that result in various rewards from treats to a badge.    


  Every age group has the ability to earn badges to wear with pride. They mark the completion of various challenges and other accomplishments. These are often sewn onto their vests or other accessories. Badges come in many shapes and depict an image related to its theme.    


  During the entire spring season, a medley of different cookies are available for purchase from local scouts. They are popular and bring in a large portion of funds to keep the organization afloat. New flavors are added and others cycled out every couple years.   Notable flavors include: Apple delights, lemon kisses, dragon snaps, phoenix feathers, and snowballs.
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Annie Applebloom

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