Annie Applebloom

If I can make a difference in at least one child's life and be a respectable mentor, then that's enough to make me happy.
    The founder of Omari's Adventure Scouts, Annie was a well loved and respected mentor to many youths. She enjoyed exploring the outdoors and was active well into her old age. Annie dedicated most of her life to the scouts and fostering a sense of wonder and compassion in the children.    

Physical Appearance

  She was short with a fat build. Her skin was a light tan and covered in many freckles from years of playing in the sun. Annie had dark red, straight hair that was often kept in braided pig tails. In her old age it turned white and she never dyed it. Her eyes were big, bright, and dark grey.   Annie enjoyed wearing bright colors and a variety of cute patterns. She never worried about her clothes getting dirty. Her favorite accessory was a pink and yellow bandanna her wife sewed for her to celebrate the scouts' first anniversary.    


  Annie was selfless and generous. She was also very trusting of others, almost to a fault in some cases. She believed no one was beyond helping and giving a chance. Her home was everyone's home, whether they be a foster child or someone down on their luck.   The outdoors was her second home. Annie loved camping even before forming the scouts. She would always do her best to leave as little traces as possible during adventures.    


  • Berry tea
  • Hiking
  • Baking
  • Dancing with Juniper
  • Dislikes

  • Littering
  • Alcohol
  • Greedy corporations
  • Failing others

    Early Life

      Annie was born to a halfling mother and father. She was the eldest of ten siblings and didn't mind helping with them when she was older. Their family owned an orchid on the outskirts of (town name). She spent many hours chasing her siblings through the trees or helping her parents harvest the fruits.    


      University was never on her radar. Annie wanted to live a simple life while also making a difference. She moved to (town name) at the age of 38 where she spent several years working at a bakery. One of her regular customers was Juniper, another halfling woman, and they grew close over a shared love of cookies.   They married and moved into a three story manor. Both agreed to wanting a large household and started their family by adopting an orphaned human child. Over the years they raised many children no matter their age or species. Annie did her best to give a safe, loving home to older youths that were otherwise lost in the foster system.    

    Adventure Scouts

      After seeing a positive effect from offering children different opportunities, Annie wanted to extend that to the rest of Omari. There were no scouting programs at the time. She knew some members of Agi's Scales and brainstormed several ideas with them.   In (year) she officially founded the scouts. Annie lead her first troop consisting of a few of her own children mixed with others from the community. Her close friends formed their own troops in different towns. Within the first four years news spread and many more groups popped up all over Omari.   They soon realized that the scouts could not thrive solely on small donations. Juniper suggested they incorporate their baking skills and created the first line of cookies. They were a hit and many folks scramble to buy their favorites each year.    


      Annie officially stepped down from being an active scout leader when her vision began to deteriorate. She did her best to stay active, but stuck to supporting them from the sidelines.   One spring night she passed peacefully in her sleep in the loving embrace of Juniper. Her funeral was large and attended by many from her surviving children to scout members of all ages. Juniper would live five more years before joining her wife.   Before Juniper's passing, she set up a scholarship in Annie's name. It would be awarded to two individuals each year to support their future studies or to help get their adult life started in other ways. Recipients would need to be new adults who completed the full Adventure Scout regime. They would also need to exhibit various traits that Annie possessed.   There is a small memorial garden dedicated to Annie at the heart of the largest scout campground.
    Cis Female
    She / Her
    Scout Leader
    Juniper Applebloom

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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