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Obsin Oa

In the spring of 24CE Urbis decends upon Alyeria intent on destroying the works of the young Primes in an event later known as [The Day of Night].  
History remebers not the tutor, but the student who rises to greatness.
— Aetheric Bishop Caeron
  Early in 26CE as Urbis' corruption takes hold in communities around the world, the Lilyfrian break tradition and share their centuries old techniques to shape the elemental Ebb. They began teaching scholars and those that demonstrate natural talent the cleansing and restoration shapes associated with Water.   Within a few months a small collective of leaders and sages among the Vasku began to communicate about the oportunites and dangers of shaping the Ebb. The group shares experiences and documents everything the Lilyfrian have shared. As their concerns grow, so to does their thrist for understanding. Six members meet in the fall of 26CE to discuss the future and form the Obsin Oa, a reclusive group of scholars and shapers.   The six members each focus on a particular aspect of the Ebb. Item craft, Shaping, Elemental planes and so on. After [Prime Fall], they know the world has changed forever. With the secrets of shaping opened to anyone with the fortitude to try the Obsin Oa shift their approach and began to recruit like-minded individuals. The organization grows rapidly and gains recognition among many kingdoms.   From its simple origins as a guild of shapers, the Obsin Oa grows in the following decades into a soverign order. Training generations of shapers, thier ideals are evident across the world. With the manipulation of the Ebb so widespread, the order even penned a how to guide of sorts. Various editions of the Oa's Pocket Guidecan be found nearly everywhere.   The Oa are called in to kingdoms and settlements to handle misuse of the Ebb.  Their power is without question and typically the local officials and military give them a wide berth. Their practices to maintain an order and balance to the usage of the Ebb across Alyeria have pitted them against a few ruling families and governments. The orders stoitic determination and isolationism lead many to believe they are beyond reproach.   The Obsin Oa is not without internal conflict, the factions within the order struggle to agree on the direction for the guild and throughout the years their has been disputes causing factions to spinter off, and once all out war. In recent years the guild has become littered with the spies of local kingdoms vying for an edge to take control.
Four towers of jagged black baslt resting on the shores of Minith Fal mark the home of the Obsin Oa. Along the western coast of the continent of Vyrinth the fragmented Towers of Oacan be seen from miles off shore.
Guild, Mages

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