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Ipsimus Academy

In a land of martially trained athletes and militaristic elites, those who study the arts of persuasion, strategy, and statecraft can easily carve out a comfortable place for themselves in menestian institutions. These clever foxes will have more likely than not studied at the Ipsimus Academy; with its stony walls and its factions of puppeteers, the Academy teaches its pupils the intricacies of menestian history as well as law, psychology, criminology and debating.   Though students of the Academy are sometimes mocked for their lack of training and martial skills, they have nonetheless proven the efficiency of their alternative training: many of Menestia's most influential politicans, elites and intellectuals have, at some point in their life, studied at the Academy, including Victricia Minervalis, Menestia last Grand Counsul.

Public Agenda

Its public goals are to educate and form Menestia's next political elite. By giving them knowledge, critical thinking and social skills, they assure their ascension to power as well as their ability to wield it appropriately.


Founded by Senator Zelimir Karpov, a wealthy philanthropist and intellectual patron. Sir Karpov was convinced that brute strength and bravery did not make one a leader, or at least not an effective one, and set on to teach some of his own proteges what he considered to be his hard-learned lessons. Quickly, this little endeavor of his grew, eventually taking on the name "Ipsimus Society". Though Karpov was somewhat shunned by his colleague for his open discussion of private political matters, he never relented. At his death, he passed on what was now a small establishment to his daughter, Stojana Karpov, who, business-savvy, made it into the fully fledged academy it is now known as.

Sword or pen, we conquer all

Founding Date
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
The Academy; Ipsi
Controlled Territories

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