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321 AM

The Age of Mortals
Duvrin is a world where power and conflict are growing. Long ago, its mortals were crushed under the palms of powerful entities, playing God and puppeteer with the life of their subjects. Through strength and wisdom, the inhabitants freed themselves from their control, cutting all ties with their previous deities. Ever since, Duvrin has been changing: Nations have fallen and risen, disasters have swept its lands and technology has developed like never before. Despite the challenges they faced, the Mortals have persisted, creating vibrant societies here, living in harmony with bountiful nature there. But greed is not unknown to them, and very soon, maybe sooner than expected, this World will change again, for better or for worse. It is up to the creatures who roam this Earth to shape their future. Will they create utopian civilizations that push every boundary? Will they conquer every wildland without regards? Will they destroy the gifts nature has given them? Remember, there is but a step between free will and overzealousness. Welcome to the Age of Mortals…

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