The Yak'koli Government

The Yak'koli District is governed by Amun Dujah Yak'koli, a hierarchy of leadership elected from the Keepers of Yak'koli. There are many offices and officials, and they are viewed generally favorably by the populace.

Duties and Functions

Infrastructure is important in any city, but mismanagement of it can be a lethal mistake for Yak'koli. Most issues brough to the attention of the Amun are infrastructural in nature, as the city is showing its age under a constant growth of citizentry from within and without.
The needs of Yak'kolithar and Yak'kolithon differ greatly from another, and the outskirts are another beast yet still. Certain legal codes often change between the major regions of Yak'koli—a difference which can lead to confusion on the part of locals and tourists alike.
Yak'koli's great exports are candy, Amberchrys, and Psiotronic components. City laws must be written to keep these trades flowing without allowing conditions to become exploitative to workers.
Though rarely on the mind of most Tel Yak'koli aside from the Miners themselves, much of the logistics of the city boil down to keeping a steady supply of Amberchrys coming up from the Amberge Complex below Yak'koli.

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Alternative Names
Amun tel Dujah Yak'koli • Amun
Controlled Territories
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