Weyer Biotechs

The Weyer Biotechs leads the biotechnologies developments on Ained, including the pharmaceutical, agricultural and genetical sectors. It became more relevant in the political scene when it hired the best-known experts in the rising field of genetic modifications and quickly filled in the gap to compete with Omegatech as the richest corporation of Ained.   At first a small pharmaceutical industry, in the last centuries the Weyer research division led developments in the human genome studies, reaching a progressively deeper understanding of genes, mutations and targeted modifications. The research rose them to the political spot they occupy nowadays.   The Weyer recently announced they want to build their first corporation-owned habitat with a seemingly utopian standard of living.


Weyer executives, researchers, associates and sympathisers embrace the new genetics technologies as the future of humanity. While Omegatech leads humanity towards cybernatics, with mixed results, as the FTH Complex Accident showed, Weyer is paving the road for a future of genetic modifications and a more gene-oriented society. For instance, where Omegatech would give a deaf person fully functional cybernatic aids, Weyer would prevent the condition insurgence by studying and modifying related genes even before birth.   While genetic modifications have been used for centuries on vegetables, especially after the Slingshot, to ensure good crops for the hydroponics and aeroponics coltures, they are not a socially accepted practice on people. Religious folks' arguments revolve around modification begin immoral since perfecting a supposedly already perfect work some god did in the first place, but even non-religious people tend to be wary of messing with genes, since they do not understand what's going on.   Weyer associates boast about being the first to entrust their bodies to scientists with the goal of building a better life for themselves and their children.

Public Agenda

The current agenda is twofold.   First, Weyer aims to make genetic modifications economically accessible to anyone and morally accepted. For the former accessibility problem, they teamed up with Tera Nanotech to gain all the necessary instruments for a fair price, thus lowering the cost of many operations. For instance, they arranged a new cure for cancer with a supposed 100 per cent success and an affordable price to drive people under their seemingly welcoming embrace. For the latter problem, they established an entire public relations division and tasked it with preparing a series of weekly informative seminars for ordinary people so that their practices could be better understood and less feared.   The second point on Weyer's agenda is to build their first corporation-owned habitat. Weyer Biotechs exists still spread among several habitats, some even owned by Omegatech. This seemingly irrelevant fact took away them the edge over their competitors. The UNA already approved Weyer's request and located a place to build their habitat, and works are already undergoing. However, since Omegatech cannot be involved in the process, minor, less known and less efficient organizations are collaborating, which slows down the process. Currently, the habitat's main structures are almost ready, but the place is still uninhabitable. Weyer is already selling houses inside the habitat for competitive prices, boasting a near-utopian standard of living, with no mandatory work and new biological sources of renewable energy.

Embrace Genetics

Founding Date
Corporation, Medical


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