Changing of the Chimes

The Changing of the Chimes is a Tiomeran tradition that is meant to protect the city against dangerous creatures lurking in the Shimmering Depths as well as bless it with good fortune and luck.

Safe and Sound

Underneath the floating city of Tiomera there are hundreds of rudders that are enchanted to be operated with the Greatwheel. Under each of these rudders a rope is tied with chimes that jingle in the water currents, the sound of which is thought to keep away dangerous creatures such as Mantadrakes and giant sea serpents. Throughout the year, families often make their own chimes which they engrave with wellwishes and names of their loved ones for good fortune. Until the changing of the chimes, these chimes are hung up in the Market of Bells.

New Year, New Chimes

Each year, on the first day of the year, these chimes are removed by the Arkmates and brought to the Market of Bells, where they are hung to be cleaned or reclaimed by their makers. Chimes that have been put up in the market are then hung on the rudders to provide the city with protection and luck for the next year. During the changing, there are countless of festivities around the city, accompanied by good food and drink. Throughout the day, musicians play rhythmic music which is thought to scare away any creatures that might investigate during the absence of the chimes but also fills the city with a joyous atmosphere to ring in the new year.
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