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Monsters go away!

There is a tradition that many parents and caretakers practice with their kids that helps them to put them to sleep and remain safe from The Grey Man. The traditions have a great number of variations and twists because every family adapts them to work for them depending on their culture, religion and needs. Some of the things this tradition can include could be, songs, baths, stories, dances, exercises or even meditation.

A challenge every night

-More bubbles!
-Ola, I think we have enough.
-Donita wants more bubbles.
-She is sleeping already.
-More bubbles help her to sleep better!
— Ola and Royd Andersen

On The Town this ritual holds a dear place in the adult's heart that put children to bed and gives them a moment to connect and relax together. It's rarely perfectly executed because life always gets in the way, especially if the kids can perform spectacular tricks to avoid going to sleep. But mostly are very tired, and once their energy is low, their powers also weaken.

One of the things that always help to calm down the kids is a bath and bubbles, but since the resources are scarce to have a bathtub in every house, they come up with different ways to make bubbles and also have a quick shower. After that, they tuck their pets or plushies to bed. Then the parents do with them their favourite activity before they turn in for the night.
Bubble toy by Julian Ralid
Seyen always wants to hear a story told for both of his mothers. He loves the voices and interpretations they do to make the tales come alive

Tomás surprised his parents when he asked to learn to meditate, given he is always creating chaos with his psychokinetic powers. His mother and father are more than happy to meditate with him before he goes to sleep.

Ola likes to listen to a song. Both of her dads know a lot of lullabies and they sing to her until she falls asleep.

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