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The Town


There is a chance we've found what we've been looking for. This valley will be our new home. We found good terrains to build the houses for the four families we arrived together. The kids are restless, they haven't used their powers on the journey here. But maybe we could make a haven for them here.
— Old diary from one of the first settlers in Nyckaneh.

After kids all over the planet started to develop Superpowers there was chaos, and pain for adults but especially for the kids. While many adults sought to exploit the superpowers others fought to protect their children. In many ways that fight continues far away from the haven that is Nyckaneh.

Nyckaneh town was founded in the secluded valley by four families that fled their origin country because they wanted to raise their kids without the threat of the government or other organizations taking them away. They travelled long distances until they settled close to the lake.

With time more people arrived, and the town adapted to accommodate the new families. Currently, the four-generation is in charge of managing the town and taking care of its inhabitants.

Important buildings

The school

One of the most important places in the town is the building where the kids gather for a couple of hours to socialise, and learn among their peers, teachers and caretakers. Like the rest of the construction in the town, the school was built mostly with wood and other organic materials. It's surrounded by a wall of vines and wood with a good view of the lake but far away to make sure no child could skip their lessons to swim in summer.

Community center

In this building the people come together to make decisions about the town and its needs to keep everyone safe. Also is a place for celebrations of any kind. Many parents or caretakers go there when they are too tired and need some time away from their super kids while other adults make sure the children don't spread chaos, or at least too much.


Keeping everyone in good health, physically and mentally is the top priority in the town. Most of its resources and the use of a smuggling network with other towns of similar characteristics around the planet sustain all the supplies needed to have a clinic to receive patients, kids, adults and Animal companionsalike.

Tech workshop

Every adult knows that while they'd rather not have to use it, it comes a moment when it's necessary to stop their kids' superpowers, for their safety or others. That's why the tech workshop is fundamental to keep all the devices to control the superpowers in working conditions. The workers in charge have another two tasks one is to maintain the infrastructure to reduce and reutilize waste and resources of the town and the other is to fix the toys that the kids more often than not break into pieces.


The houses are not luxurious, but the families can count on basic installations to live and raise their kids comfortably. Like the other buildings are made with wood and other organic materials.

The people living in Nyckaneh appreciate seeing their kids growing up free and happy and having a beautiful landscape to enjoy every day, even if their houses lack all the fancy technology and extravagant devices the big cities can offer.


-Are you ready, Ola?
-Yes, dad!!
-What are the rules?
-Take care of myself and my friends!
-Good girl, let's go.
— Olar and her dad Erik Andersen.

The playground is the most popular place on Nyckaneh. It started with one swing, one seesaw and a slide. Each year a new thing was added. With time the playground got bigger and the centre of the Find your apprentice day.

Here, like in the school, it counts on central devices to prevent the use of the superpowers and reduce the possibility of accidents. Curiously, it's also one of the places where the parents and caretakers stress the more. Powers or not the kids are always creating troubles wherever they go.
by Julian Ralid
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