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Nyckaneh Valley

-Are we there yet, Dad?
-Ola, darling, we are close, I swear.
-Maybe we could rest a bit, dear.
Ola fell asleep on her Pa's shoulder.
— The Andersen arrive at Nyckaneh.

The valley where the city was founded is surrounded by mountains making it an excellent place to hide from the outside world. It has plenty of natural resources that make sustaining life possible. A dense forest cover the mountains, and the valley is home to a river born at a high altitude. In the middle of the town there is a big lake.

Before being a sanctuary for the families fleeing the big cities to protect their children, Nyckaneh was a wild region. In many ways still is. The town's founders decided it was best if their new home was respected and protected just as they needed peace and safety. Even after decades of people living there, much of its landscape has remained the same.

-Tomás!! Stop throwing pebbles at the other kids!
-Papá! They started!
-No, you used your telekinetic powers to dump their cart into the lake first. I saw you.
-Mario, remember when you used to do the same thing at his age, but to impress me?
-Camila, not now!
-Thanks, Mamá.
— The Martinez banter at the shore of the lake.

The lake shines bright and vibrant in the heart of the valley and is a great resource of food and energy for the people living in the valley. It's populated by all kinds of species, plants and fishes. These are used as food or other types of materials. The change of seasons provides, not only beautiful views with the mountains as a breathtaking background, but also different types of harvests.

In the warmer seasons, there is plenty of fishing and recreational activities on the lake, while in the colder times the lakes are best enjoyed from a safe distance sharing a hot beverage around a fire.

-Mom, the river is so calm.
-Ma, pleaseeeee.
-I promise I'll be careful!
-Careful like when your mother had to fight a falcon so it won't eat you or careful like when I had to fish you out of the river?
— The Okoro waiting for the newcomers.

The deep forest covering the mountains is protected by volunteers and is inhabited by small animals. Most of them are friendly with the occasional strangers asking for shelter if they are not bothered.

The forest is also a good place to forage for resources and food. But again the people living in Nyckaneh make sure not to damage the natural habitat that gave them a safe home to raise their kids, away from the dangers lurking in the big cities.
by Julian Ralid
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The Town
Settlement | Jul 4, 2022

A lovely little town

The valley is a pocket of peace that welcomes the families to a new way of living.

The people inhabiting this region know they must work hard to earn the privilege granted by nature.

Every time a new family arrives here they have to accept and follow the rules that preserve the balance between every living being in the valley.

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Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
4 Jul, 2022 19:37

Nice little article. I keep pronouncing it in my head as in-yKAN-eh valley (almost like Uncanny Valley) XD Is it really NYE-kan-eh? Regardless, this is a sweet slice of life as always with your wonder-filled articles! :)

Have an exuberantly blessed day!!!
11 Jul, 2022 12:55

Thank you! and, yes the second pronunciation is the correct one :)