-They are... flying!!
-What the news said is true!
- We must hide them before The Visitors come!
— Many parents since The Event.

There is no explanation of why kids developed superpowers or why they can't maintain them after a certain age. There are many theories, but none of them is true.

What the people know is that every kid gets one superpower after they turn five years old. When they reach the age of nine years old superpower fades away and never comes back. There is no way to predict what kind of power a kid would get. What their parents or ancestors got has no influence. The families brave or crazy enough to have more than one child are aware of the possibility that siblings can use each other's powers.

Although every kid experience superpowers in different ways, some years after The Event was possible to identify patterns in the emergence, peak and fading of this particular phenomenon.


-Mommy! Look at me!!!
-If you fly too high I won't see you!!
-Mommy you know I can't go higher, yet!
— Tired mom and his son.

The ability to fly is the most popular superpower and one of the easiest to neutralize, once the proper device is in place around their wrists, of course.

With slights variations in time or altitude every flying kid will go through three phases:
  1. 5 years old: they can float above ground between 20 cm to 1 meter and move around 5 meters.
  2. 7 years old: they can fly up to 2 meters high and 10 meters around.
  3. 8 years old: they can fly above 5 meters whenever they want until they get tired.


-Tammy stop!
-Stop what?
-Stop hiding the keys! I have to go to work!
-Oh, Pops, just one more story and then you can go.
— A not amused Grandpa and his granddaughter.
Kids with this ability are feared for their inclination to create chaos whenever they go. Lucky for their parents and the people living in the city, these kids also enjoy they can fix things, sort of.
This superpower is experienced in different ways, but all psychokinetic kids go through three phases:
  1. 5 years old: they move inert objects between 1/2 kg to 2 kg around 1 meter.
  2. 7 years old: 2 to 10 kg 10 meters around.
  3. 8 years old: 10 to 50 kg and 20 meters around.


-This trick is getting old very quick, Adam
-That's it. You're not going to the playground today.
-I've been waiting for that all week! You're the worst big brother.
-No, I want you to understand that being a dog is great, but you still need to know maths.
— Adam is a dog. His brother is tired.

This superpower is very popular too. And kids get away with so many shenanigans. Clothing is a big issue. Thank the stars for elastic fabrics.

Like the previous superpower, three phases are to be expected:
  1. 5 years old: they can transform on their chosen animal for one hour every once in a while.
  2. 7 years old: they can shapeshift from one to three hours every day.
  3. 8 years old: 10 hours every day.

Force fields

-This is quite useful.
-I told you it would work!
-I know it would work, Abby.
-Thank you for letting me try, aunty!
— They could use an umbrella, but force fields are more fun

Kids with the superpower to create force fields develop a protective personality quite often. If they want to have fun, they team up with psychokinetic kids to wreak havoc just for fun. Caretakers' reaction to this is:NOT AGAIN!.
As before there is three phases:
  1. 5 years old: they can create a force field around them.
  2. 7 years old: the force field surrounds them and one more individual.
  3. 8 years old: the force field is big enough to protect them and three more individuals.

Super Speed

-Can you pick up me this for me?
-What is in for me?
-I'll take your turn cleaning the table tonight.
-The whole week.
- Three days. Final offer.
— Dad and daughter's negotiation.

These super-fast kids have a lot of energy and they enjoy being the last player standing in every game. The rest is too tired to care. Caretakers prefer to use neutralizer devices when it's time to put them in bed.
  1. 5 years old: they can run 75 kph.
  2. 7 years old: they can run 95 kph.
  3. 8 years old: they can run 110 kph.


-I'm tired.
-You and me both, kiddo.
— End of a long day.

Superpowers can't be used without a limitation of time because if a kid tries to use their power for more time, fly higher, go further away or overuse it, either way, they run out of energy and fall asleep where they are. Caretakers learn their kid's unique patterns for their superpower and adjust the controlling devices to prevent accidents. This way, they do not inflict any injury on themselves or others. After all, Nyckaneh's purpose is to keep all of them safe.
Where is the limit of what they can do?

Kids need attention and when they add superpowers to their abilities parents need all the help they can get. This is why many childless people volunteer to supervise them when the main caretakers need a break. The volunteers usually had the same power as the kids they taking care of but not always. It's useful because they know all the tricks and traps.

Children after they lose their superpower need attention too and lots of comfort from their families. As the majority is the only child, they have all the support they need. If they have younger siblings, well. Things get a little more complicated.

No one likes to lose. Games are encouraged, competitions are not. Who wants a bunch of kids destroying things because they are in the loser team?

Be present. This precious and chaotic moment is not forever.
— Nyckaneh's motto.

Psychokinetic kids ready to attack have fun in a school trip.


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I love this world, it's so colorful, with hints of a darkness in the background! I'm glad Nyckaneh exists to protect the super kiddos. :D

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There is a tradition to help kids in their last year with powers so they can feel useful and after that, they have support groups for them and their families. After all the city's goal is to make them feel safe, protected and happy whenever stage of growing up they are in :)

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