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Pebble Ward

The term Pebble Ward refers to a superstitious ritual performed by inhabitants of both Yronroost and the Rasp and, to some extent, other minor settlements in the Vault Supernal in the hopes of warding away death, misfortune, and, most importantly, the Quietus.


The origins of the pebble ward lies in an archaic notion that the forces of death and misfortune and even the Quietus, are repelled by life. Originally, seeds were used in place of pebbles as seeds represent the potential of life and growth, which was thought to be anathema to those evil forces.   Pebbles were first used in the Rasp due to its dismal economy where every single seed or grain could be of great value. It was believed that since death, misfortune, and the Quietus are mindless forces, if a pebble sufficiently resembles a seed, it would be enough to confer protection from these forces.


The creation of a pebble ward is rather simple. All it involves is placing a line of small pebbles on a windowsill or in front of the threshold of a door. Indeed, it is rather common in the Rasp for there to be a shallow recess dug into the ground in front of a door where a pebble ward might be placed. The ritual requires no formulaic chant or special reagent. The simple act of placing the pebbles in a line is thought to confer protection.

Components and tools

As the name might suggest, one of the most important components of a pebble ward is a set of pebbles. It is vital to understand that not all pebbles are appropriate for creating a pebble ward. Indeed, only small pebbles, and especially ones that resemble seeds or grains are believed to confer any protection.
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