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Good Manners

The world turns on the use of good manners. Failure to use your manners is something that a brownie frowns upon since it shows a distinct lack of respect to others. When brownies witness a lack of manners they become mischievous and are likely to move things you need when you need them or shift things so you knock them on the floor.  
"Dammit boy, I told you to muck out the stable."   *CRACK*   "Pardon me, sir, but was that truly necessary?"   "Shut you mouth or you're next."   Carol stepped back and winked out of sight. The master of the house turned and knocked his glass of ale off the table.   "Now look at what you made me do you imputant little brat."   As he stepped forward to strike the child again his pants fell down to his ankles tripping him and making fall on his face. All he could he when he looked behind him was his belt floating out the door. Getting to his feet he pulled his pants back up and chased his belt out the door. As he reached the top of the steps he tripped over his boot and fell down the stairs where he cracked his head open on the paving stones.
— a scene of a brownie dealing with disrespect to herself and the household.


The use of good manners has always been a way to keep bad luck at bay. Though there are many theories as to why this is the primary one is for a household which has a resident brownie. Brownies are notoriously known for becoming conniving tricksters when their efforts go unappreciated.


The simplest way to use good manners is to say "please" and "thank you". Other ways are to offer to help clean up when you are a guest at another's home. Though these simple common sense, it is surprising how many people forget these simple facts.

Components and tools

There are no tools necessary that you don't already have, a voice and a pair of hands is all that is required.


Everyone is a participant of this tradition in their everyday lives. Even if someone forgets occassionally they can make up for it with an apology.


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