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Candlecarving has been around for centuries. Popular in rural towns and small villages, these special candles are burned throughout the autumn and winter to ward off evil spirits and dark entities. The candles can be simple or elegant, but they must have the three necesseties: the colored candle wax, the herbs and spices to scent it, and the wooden carvings inserted into them.   The candle wax can be three different colors: white for light and purity, blue for lifegiving water, and purple for protection. Often households will have multiple candles of each color. Lucky herbs and soothing spices will be collected and mixed into the candle wax. When the candle wax is still soft, small carved tokens will be inserted into it, or occasionally symbols will later be carved directly into it. Lucky symbols, symbols of protection, family crests, and wise sayings written in the ancient tongue are all popular carvings. These candles will then be placed on the windowsills and by the doors of the house. They must be left burning throughout the fall and winter - especially during the night. The longer a candle lasts, the more powerful it is, though families will constantly be making more candles to burn through the dark seasons.
"Now, remember the three things the candles bring: light, luck, and life. There's a good boy. You have the wicks? Perfect, set them over here. Eylza, come help me with the wax. Hurry, hurry! I've sent your older sisters out for the herbs and spices, and your father's carving the charms. Goodness knows we can't afford any Wards, so this'll have to do. Oh, heaven help us, but we can't let any dark spirits in this house, or worse, the you-know-what! Wlindeg! Don't say his name! Do you want to wake up to see the green eyes staring at you?"

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Autumn Riverwood
26 Aug, 2022 22:04

This is a really interesting tradition! I love how the different colors represent different things, and it makes me wonder what would happen if you mixed colors together. You did great!