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Full Naval Salvo

The Full Naval Salvo is a tradition of the Federation Navy, whereupon ascending to space from a planetary body, they fire all weapons on the vessel - including kinetic, energy, and missiles, at a deserted part of space. The salvo is meant to keep bad luck away, and also serves a secondary function of making sure all weapons are operating properly.    It is believed that the first usage of the tradition was by the FNV Enduring after Captain Bradley Horne ordered a full salvo after negotiations on Golova ended, and the 1st Federation Civil War began. When questioned by Senator Benjamin Picket on his reasoning, Horne simply replied, "Small chance I hit an Oberynite". Following the Andisien victory in the Civil War, Federation ships continued to fire salvos, and the tradition was born.   Despite the popularity of the tradition, the Federation Armed Forces officially decry the practice, for fear that the projectiles may accidentally hit a hidden vessel or an inhabited planet. Nevertheless, many Captains continue to fire a salvo, and despite the occasional warning, are rarely punished, especially as it is well known that the current Naval Chief of Staff John Rendon also participated in the tradition regularly.
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