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Crop Burning

"We must appease them. Those things... they love the burning."
  Crop Burning is a ritual invented by the Elethians when the attacks on their village become overwhelming and a farmer noticed the Ashseekers are attracted to the burning. The creatures would gather around the flames and watch until ashes are left in its place. Even then, they would stay, sniff and lick the ashes.


Their history with Humans sent the village of Eleth into poverty. They couldn't afford remunerations nor protection of some sort. Hence, they became the target of the Ashseekers. The people there were picked off one by one. Though the Ash Fall didn't come, the creatures kept multiplying as if attracted to something. None dared to step out of the village because of the attacks.   Then came the drought. Many crops died and the people couldn't use them as fertilizers due to the poisoned lands. Thus, they resulted to burning. But the action attracted the Ashseekers and the villagers immediately hide in their homes. The creatures, however, were distracted by the burning.   Curious and confused, they burned the rest of the dead crops, attracting those creatures more. Just like before, the Ashseekers were distracted by the burning and some began to lick the ashes off the ground. Though the Feras and the Ashseekers made eye contact, the monsters didn't attack and left them alone.


Crops must be gathered in a spot far from the village before burning them. The fire needs to be big to attract the creatures and keep them occupied so no villagers are harmed if they venture out of the village.

Components and tools

Diseased or dead crops are used for the burning. It didn't matter what type of crops as long as it can catch fire easily. A designated spot for burning is specified and usually located farther away from the village. Once a pile of crops is gathered, they are burned.
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