Carved eye and other charms

Grindylow (see Picker, chief of the Rockhouse Tribe ) believe that certain rocks are "lucky" and others "unlucky". These may sometimes be the same type of stone, but in different shapes. Shiny, sparkling or polished are better with more juju. The best resemble something, or for carving, they should be flat on one or more surfaces. On these flat ones, they will carve the Watchful Eye. The Watchful Eye carving is supposed to ward off or provide warning to the possessor of impeding threats/ dangers or curses that may lead to injury or disease. The Watchful Eye is worn as a pendant with a hole drilled in the stone and looped with a leather thong around the neck. The eye may be made stronger by use of berry juice or other dyes to give the eye color. Another method is more eyes.
The Watchful Eye must be worn as a pendant. It can't see if stored in a pouch or bunch of leather. Likewise it can't work if it gets under clothes where it can't see.
They will also make fake arrowhead stones for hunting charms. Phallus shapes for fertility and virility. Exaggerated hippy/ breasted figures for female vigor and fertility. Some flat stones will be carved with plants or animals that the Grindylow wants to find or hunt.

The charms are serious business and must be respected and dipped in milk, blood, grease, gravy, sauces or other foods as offerings. They must be spoken to as friends. Being angry at the charm will cause it to work against the holder in Grindylow belief.


To Grindylow it is obvious that anyone with a good Watchful Eye is alive and safe. Anyone with a bad one or angry one has suffered an injury, death or other misfortune. If something bad happens, you must ask what you have done to make the charm mad or if it was impaired by being covered. None knows where the tradition came from but almost every Grindylow will have several different pendant charms.
Watchful Eye by Mutterwolf on Craiyon


Once a Watchful Eye or other charm is finished or obtained, you must introduce yourself.  The Eye knows what it is supposed to do, but who does it work for?  You must tell it your name and make offerings, petting and massaging it.  Neglected charms become angry and stop working.  It s good to talk to the charms  frequently, rub and touch them and to share with them when eating, or drinking.   Some claim charms like to be sucked on and licked, but obviously Watchful Eye can't work if in the mouth because it can't see around. This may be more true for other charms. Many will have a front Watchful Eye and another back Watchful Eye, because obviously a forward facing eye can't see things coming from behind you.  This is a very wise thing in Grindy culture.

Components and tools

Stones are carved with other stones, or worked with bone and stone tools. They may polish a thing with a bit of hide and sand, working for many hours to produce a finished item. A skilled stone carver is a valued skill position in the tribe as everyone needs good charms and better looking ones must be better.

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