Flaming Oranges

When one has a fear or night terror, one can burn a bright orange to drive away all the ill spirits and thoughts that might dwell within the mind.    The orange when burned flames bright from the oils contained within its skin. It is the smoke and fumes which drive away the ill spirits. One will find that when burning an orange that breathing is easier and that the heart beats slower. One is calm and less fearful.  The orange will keep certain ill winds away as well and prevent sickness.    The smoke of the sacred orange will drive away pestilence and plague. Sending the vermin that transmit it into flight. Burning one in the kitchen will freshen it and help to prevent rot and mold from making a presence.    The oil of the orange is quite an irritant to faeries. Many rub an orange skin around doors and windows to keep the unseelie away and to keep them from trying to switch a baby with a changeling.    When squeezing an orange to release the oils, if a flame is used green sparks will fly out. These fighting the little goblins and the scent causes them to sneeze uncontrollably.    You can burn the orange as a candle, it will burn longer and brighter than one made of wax. The green sparks and smoke doing all to keep the nasties away and under the bed in a box where they belong. Children tell your mother to burn  an orange. It is a healthy pursuit.   Some bath in orange infused waters. It purifies the skin and removes blemishes. The water if hot enough will perfume ones home. Bathing water can then be poured around your home to keep the wild cats away. Especially those that would do harm to your garden.


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6 Aug, 2022 16:44

I was going to say I've never seen an orange shoot green sparks before, but then I've never set an orange on fire, either. There's something wonderfully folk-lore-y about this article, with all the little details. It's very believable as something we might believe here on earth, too. It is, indeed, a healthy pursuit.   Very fun article :D

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9 Aug, 2022 02:02

This is a great bundle of folk tale, urban legend, old wives tales all rolled into an interesting package. Awesome article.