Goat Hoof Talisman

“Dear trust me this has been passed down from my mother, and her mother, and her mothers mother. This will work and keep you safe.”   ~ Unknown Citizen


The goat hoof talisman is believed to be able to protect the individual from creatures that wish it harm. The talisman is believed to grant the wearer speed to flee the assailant or unnatural stillness that makes the creature appear dead and unappetizing.


The goat hoof talisman is made by the village witch after a goat is sacrificed by the family and presented to her. With the carcass of the goat the hooves are extracted and placed on the altar equidistant from the center of it. At the top the head of the goat will rest staring at the center of the altar. A parchment with the name of who is to protected is placed in the center. When the moon hangs high in the sky the witch starts the ritual.   As the ritual reaches the end the parchment is set ablaze and the ashes are sprinkled on the hooves. The hooves are then attached to a leather thong before being presented to the individual it’s intended on protecting.

Components and tools

The goat sacrificed must be prepared by feeding it a mixture of herbs and teas before the sacrifice.   The altar must be outdoors and be able to have sight of the sky.


The witch and the individual partitioning for protection both must play a part in the ritual. If the individual does not participate than the talisman will not properly attune to them making the talisman inert and useless for them.


Goat hoof talismans are created during new moons. Talismans created during the full moon have the opposite effect and will attract creatures to the wearer or the area the talisman is at rest.


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