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Virda Glux

Irath said, that he should make a symbol of the Glux to hang inside the house, that would make the souls remember that it will bring them to my realm, and they will leave the house.

— Book of Irath, chapter: The Massacre of the Taroths

In order not to have any souls of the massacred Taroths haunt any house, most people tend to hang a copper or gold sun inside the hourse, to remind the souls that they can still find their way to Irath'las, the Realm of Light.


After the massacre on the Taroths who had defied the Goddess wish, the last of the elder Taroths to bring the souls of the massacred Taroths into the trees. Anyone attempting to fell a tree without apologising or asking for permision first, would be felling haunted wood.

The beginning of this tradition supposedly started with a group of fellers, who had fell trees without apologising or asking for permission. The wood was transported to a house for a wealthy person, but anyone who had slept near the wood, did not feel at peace and was suffering from nightmares of the massacre as if they were there themselves. The fellers were blamed for brining cursed wood to be used, and none dared using the house.

One day, a priest walked past the house and felt its suffering. He prayed to Irath and asked her what he could do to help ease the suffering so the house could be used. She answered that he should hang a Glux in the house.

Priests argues whether the Glux symbol helps the souls of the Taroths finding their way, or if the symbols themselves brings peace and slumber to the souls, for it is not stated anywhere. But there are no problems with sleep and unease in any houses containing this symbol, compared to some of the other houses.

Other names
Way Glux


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