New Death

New Moons

Once each cycle, the two moons in the sky close their eyes upon the world of Elämä. It is when the world slumbers for a single night, and the doors to the forbidden are opened. Portals to other places, allowing creatures of shadow to walk freely across our lands.   These beings are drawn to flesh. They seek to gorge themselves upon the pain and torment of the weak, the small, and the innocent. Beings of violence and blood who seek out the living, so they may consume upon their lusts.   No force can stay their hand. Now weapon can kill them. Or so they say.    

The Ritual of New Death

  If one is to survive the New Moons, then a household must perform the ritual of New Death. An offering that speaks to the creatures of shadow, calming and redirecting their attentions until the new light of the morning.   The ritual starts with a fresh kill. This can be any living thing — a bird, a mouse, dog, cat, any beast available that may have enough blood to spill and use. The cut must be clean and done with a blade. It does not have to be cruel or overly painful, but the beast must die at a blades cut.   Next, the wound must be opened and the blood splashed across the door frame and threshold of the domain. This must be done vigorously, as if the death occurred by violence and passion. This symbolizes the violence in death and will speak to the shadows that harm has been done already at your doorstep.   Bring all the remains into your dwelling. Leave nothing of the beast outside. The shadows must believe the violence has been enacted upon your own household. It will turn away the wrath of the evil that has come to take your life.   Greatest of all, do not disturb the blood once it has been spilt. To do so is to shout that you are a deceiver, and there will be a horrible price paid.    

A New Day

  At the last sunlight, close your doors and kneel in prayer to beg for mercy. Ask Päjumää for protection and aid — for guardian angels to stand beside you as the darker things skulk about you.   Once the first light of day arrives, you may open your doors. No shadow can survive the light of day.   Some will ask, “How may we know the ritual has worked?”   The answer is simple. You are yet alive.   The evil will have feasted upon the offering of blood, and you will find none.


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