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Arts of Rimmi

The Art of Rimmi refers to a tradition of dance and song handed down across generations to protect families and communities from ill fortunes. Rimmi was one of the original families on board the Aurris Sea-City and their cultures and rituals have survived long after their line has died out. While it is called the Art of Rimmi as a broad term the most popular versions are dance, song and chanting. The songs, dance and chants of Rimmi are handed down from person to person, family to family and generation to generation changing at each step of the way. There is no true codified source as it is only what is performed now from the cultural memory of those that give it weight.

Why We Perform

  We perform to protect and cleanse the body, soul and mind of those we love against the darkness and dangers, against beasts and plagues. One of the keys to performing Rimmi Arts is passion over perfection. The communities are not looking for the court bard quality singers and dancers taught in noble schools. They are looking for a story with real meaning and feeling.


The Dance

  The dance is for both the dancer and the audience. The dancer is to give everything, every bit of effort and energy holding nothing back by the end. It is not uncommon for a dancer to collapse at the end of the dance and even pace out from over exertion or fatigue. The actual dance is to cleanse the dancer and their family, while offering their energies and efforts to the audience. These dances are known for the their powerful movements and bold colors.

The Songs & Chants

  The songs and chants are usually based in the current culture of the people singing them covering their lives, struggle and victories and very often laced with the personal names of people and places that are important to them. They can also be interwoven with some history as it influences the present or has relative reflection. These are not meant to be soft or quiet, they are meant to drive back the dark spirits with force of will and voice.

Other Arts

  Other less practiced secondary arts may include body painting, temporary or permanent tattoos. These are usually in addition to dance, song or chant. Another common variation is to add fire or light into a dance routine, like a double ended flaming quarterstaff.

The Aurris Secrets

  The Arts of Rimmi play a significant place for the communities of the Aurris Sea-City giving them a means to ward off the Al'Kuask and Sa'Kuask. On board the Aurris the Arts of Rimmi are far more than a hobby, a strong cultural practice.


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