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Elven Artistry

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
While The Most Serene Republic of Allathoné well known for their wide variety of niche artisan's guilds and the high quality products they produce, all Elven cultures are known for placing a high level of importance on creative pursuits. Some who are less familiar with the history of Elven culture assume it's merely a product of needing hobbies to fill their long life spans, but anyone who has heard The Gift of Time, as all Elven children have, know that it is in fact considered to be a life-sustaining activity.


The Gift of Time tells a part of Elven creation mythology, specifically the story of how they came to have such long lifespans. In it, a group of elves go to Senetsal, then the god of art, and ask if they can have their lifespans extended so they may spend more time on pleasurable pursuits like art and music. Senetsal says that they do not have the power to grant their wish, but gives the elves a token of their favor and tells them that they should seek out Dalekiy, the god of death and time, and ask him after presenting him with the favor. When the elves give Dalekiy the favor and again ask for more time, he agrees to grant their wish on the condition that they continue to produce art in a way that would please Senetsal. Although Senetsal died many eras ago, Dalekiy is believed to still be upholding his end of the deal, allowing elves to keep their long lifespans so long as they devote part of their lives to creative pursuits.

Components and tools

Elves are not known for being picky with the medium of art they choose to pursue. Most will explore a number throughout their lifetime, dabbling in everything from watercolors to poetry to fabric dying. It's quite common in elven homes to have at least one closet, if not a small room devoted to the storage of various art supplies that the family has experimented with over the years.


Most elves are introduced to various artforms before they are even able to walk, but begin to seriously pursue them after their first century of life. With their first century devoted to hard work and building up savings, elves often enter a semi-retirement after their first century and begin to take more time to either focus on one medium of art they're particularly passionate about, explore every medium they possibly can, or some combination of the two.


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