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27th of Overlight, AE 721  

Death is a persistence hunter.

It's said that one of the most terrifying aspects of lichdom is not what one must do to achieve it, but seeing Prem. In the corner of your eye, hidden in your peripheral vision– knowing he is waiting, but gone when you turn to look at him. While he is commonly worshiped by necromancers and others seeking to cheat death, it is well known that even the most devout receive no special treatment. Prem always get his eventually, one way or another.   While he is believed to be one of the oldest primordial deities, no one is precisely sure when or how Prem came into existence, but some believe he even predates humanoids. Elves attribute part of their creation myth, The Gift of Time, to him, believing he gave their ancestors the gift of additional time, granting them their long lifespans.  

Other names

Andreth – a name commonly used for him by Elves coming from the Elvish word for patience. It is meant to embody their characterization of him as an almost paternal figure, patiently waiting for his children to come to him when it is time for him to guide and care for them.   Lucris – an old term sometimes used for him during the Lizdah era; the earliest use of the term is unknown, but the root lies in Old Khairluutian, meaning "winged being." In the modern day, is still sometimes used in scholarly articles, and by those who find Prem to be too soft sounding.

Divine Domains

Time, eternity, death

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Black feathers, a ribcage with spinal column

Tenets of Faith

Undeath is a privilege that is not meant to be taken advantage of. Anyone who would believe it to be permanent misunderstands why Prem permits such rituals in the first place.

Physical Description

Body Features

The few who have claimed to see him describe him as a massive, monstrous thing; covered in black feathers that reflect no light, and having clawed, bird-like feet. Some believe the feathers to be parts of wings that conceal his true being, either because to gaze upon him would cause instantaneous death, or to shield the mortal mind from the eldritch horror that is his true form.



Partner (Vital)

Towards Nezna



Partner (Vital)

Towards Prem



The true nature of Prem and Nezna's relationship has always been the subject of debate among scholars; they are the only known surviving primordial deities, believed to have existed for many eras, and as such their experience and power could pose a significant threat to younger deities who may seek to oppose them. Aligning themselves with each other makes them more of a threat but also provides a certain degree of protection. Some characterize this alignment as romantic, others believe it to be a partnership of convenience.

Divine Classification
Nezna (Partner)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Death is always painless. Dying is what hurts."
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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