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Obsidian Pools

27th of Overlight, AE 721  
The Obsidian Pools are quiet; uncomfortably, unnaturally so, lacking all the background hum of life that beings of the material plane are accustomed to, assaulting their eardrums instead with the sound of their own breathing, the fabric of their clothes dragging against skin, against itself, the occasional but too quickly gone splash of boots in the shallow, standing water, but worst of all, their own oppressive, hasty hearts beating at breakneck speeds as the quiet lives on and they do not.
Orator Thahn, AE 17
The Obsidian Pools are Prem's domain. It is an expansive, seemingly endless marshland wreathed in a constant darkness capable of sparking a fear of the unknown and unseen even in those who never learned to fear the dark. Those who are able to accept and come to terms with their own death will easily find their way to a sorting facility, from which their souls will be guided to the appropriate afterlife. Those who cannot accept their deaths are doomed to wander the marshes, slowly driven mad by the deafening silence.   It has been rumored that Vetila occasionally also takes up residence in this domain, and has been known to dot the pitch black sky with stars to help guide those they deem worthy of assistance.
Dimensional plane

Cover image: Nightmare by Tombud


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