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Elvish/High Elvish

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
When spoken, Elvish and High Elvish are the same language, but their differences emerge when they are written.   No relation to actual high elves, High Elvish is an older form of the written Elvish language. There are clear visual similarities between the characters used in both languages, but High Elvish generally looks far more "busy." Each character must be written with incredible care with no room for personal handwriting styles; additional accents or particular slants and bends of certain lines add layers of depth to a word, conveying complex emotions, tones, and intent. One accent can transform the character for "sad," into "hollow, hopeless despair," while a curve of a line can change it into "the youthful angst of feeling misunderstood and unseen." Because of this, its popularity endures in elven poetry, as well as in AllathonĂ© law. It is not commonly used in day-to-day activities.   One of the easiest ways to tell a native Elvish speaker from someone who has learned it later in life or from a non-native speaker is by their cadence; the typical Elvish accent has a smooth, even tone and each syllable is spoken with equal emphasis, and is often spoken in a somewhat slow, relaxed manner.

Writing System

Both forms of Elvish use a logographic writing system.


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