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Allathoné urbanite elves

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
The more urban populations of Allathoné are clustered in the Pearl Cities along the Linnead River. Despite the fact that the terraformed lands they live on were once swamp just like the rest of the country, they prefer to have as little interaction with rural folk as possible, viewing them as unhygienic and unsophisticated.


Major language groups and dialects

Culture and cultural heritage

Allathonéan marble work is known the world over. While most outside of Allathoné would not be familiar with the traditional motifs and symbolism that is common on their pieces, they appreciate good craftsmanship when they see it. Those who are part of the Marble-Worker's Guild are capable of making solid stone appear as delicate as lace and this has made their pieces highly desired by all manner of nobility and politicians.

Common Dress code

Due to the area's climate, Elven clothing in the area has long favored light, airy fabrics with a loose fit and good coverage, linen is especially popular. Currently however, the fashionable silhouette has trended more towards the traditional loose top, but paired with high-waisted and fitted or straight-leg pants.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When a couple is expecting a child, the parents-to-be will craft ceramic, bird-shaped vessels out of locally sourced clay with openings on their backs and spouts at the beak that will serve as bottles for the baby. Different types of birds are representative of the parents' hopes for their children: peacocks for beauty, albatrosses for resolve, corvids for intelligence, etc.

Funerary and Memorial customs

It is customary for the spouse and siblings of those who passed to observe a mourning period of 30 years, wearing mostly traditional mourning colors of browns and olive greens.


Beauty Ideals

Long hair is greatly valued on all genders; to be able to maintain it and devote time to styling it is very much a status symbol, a show of wealth and a life of leisure. Wearing it down plain or in a single, simple braid is often associated with younger children and youthfulness, while elaborate braids and up-dos are more commonly associated with adulthood and maturity.
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