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Pearl Cities

27th of Overlight, AE 721  
The Pearl Cities are the five large Allathonéan cities that sit along the Linnead River: Asha Allanar, Lyfalorian, Illstaesi, Cenodorran, and Fel-Shora. They are known as the pearl cities because they are like shining pearls on the necklace of the Linnead; even though the architecture of each city heavily features marble, the different colors of the marble also corresponds to colors that pearls are known to come in (pink, yellow, white, green, and grey).   While each of the Pearl Cities are unique and have their own draws, they do share certain commonalities. Despite the automobile becoming increasingly common, there are none to be found in the Pearl Cities as they are not welcome. Viewed as largely unnecessary, visitors are welcome to leave them outside of city limits. Many will find that the city is easily traversable by foot, having few changes in elevation and neatly arranged streets. The extent to which some cities have been open to modernizing is the addition of trams set up to carry people around the city borders.   The cities are also noted for their stark lack of diversity, especially given their size. Asha Allanar is the most diverse of the cities, and still has a population that is 92% elven. This has been attributed to by a number of factors, the main one being resistance to growth. The Pearl Cities were constructed with the intent of creating a ideal place to live, and decades of planning were dedicated to every aspect of the towns, from plumbing systems to density of particular types of businesses. Any changes, including the building of new homes, are viewed as interfering with perfection. Combined with the fact that most homes are multigenerational and have been passed from parent to child since the founding of the city means that anyone whose family was not one of the foundational families has almost no way to acquire property.

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