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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
The capital city of The Most Serene Republic of Allathone nearly overflows with water. Pumped from the Linnead River to the highest point in the city– the prestigious Royal Perfume Gardens– it both flows to the rest of the city's buildings and irrigates the extensive gardens that it is known for.   The city itself consists of uniform, off-white buildings clad in crisp white marble which is prevalent in the area. Pane-less windows and broad doorways are common. Pergolas covered in jasmine, which blooms year-round in their climate, are suspended between buildings, providing ample shade and keeping the city at a comfortable temperature despite the constant sun.

Industry & Trade

Most of the world's artisanal perfumeries are located in Illstaesi or one of the other Pearl Cities. Illstaesian honey is also well known for its mild but exceptionally sweet taste; plenty of counterfeits exist, but the taste always easily distinguishable.


The city's plumbing and irrigation system is intricate and extensive; ten years were dedicated to reviewing and debating design proposals before the current layout was chosen.

Points of interest

Royal Perfume Gardens – The highest part of the city, and one of the most beautiful. The gardens are a carefully managed collection of plants from across the globe. Known as a perfumer's paradise, it's one of the only places on the continent to produce a number of essential oils normally only obtainable from Adis.


Most buildings are made of locally-sourced marble, and are similar in appearance to Cycladic architecture.

Natural Resources

Fresh water, marble, white tupelo wood
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