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The Most Serene Republic of Allathoné

27th of Overlight, AE 721  
Allathoné is known around the world for the great beauty of it's cities, a string of shining pearls dotting the Linnead River. The ancestral home of the Sun Elves, the county's territory is bisected by the Linnead River and encompasses much of its length and the marshlands and tributaries that feed it.   Allathoné is home to many of what are considered the world's greatest artisan's guilds, and the high number of them has allowed many to become quite specialized.

Demography and Population

Allathoné is composed of 13.4 million citizens, with nearly 12 million being concentrated in the five Pearl Cities. While cities of such a large size typically foster diversity, the Pearl Cities are some of the least diverse on the planet, averaging 95% Elven due to rigid restrictions on new construction and homes being passed down through families rather than sold. The most common minorities within the cities are Yuan-ti and Humans. Rural areas are often more diverse, especially near the nation's borders.

Technological Level

Allathoné has some of the most advanced water transportation and filtration systems in the world. While the Linnead River provides an abundance of freshwater, it's slightly acidic. Allathoné has created a system of filters using the limestone commonly mined in the area and other natural resources to lower the acidity and improve taste.

Foreign Relations

Allathonéan foreign policy tends to be one of non-interventionism and armed neutrality. While they are far from detached from the rest of the world, they have long been reluctant to enter conflicts that do not directly involve them, refusing to enter military alliances or mutual defense pacts. However, they are far less opposed to trade deals and have a small number of them in place with nations such as the Maldock Trading Company.


Primary education is conducted from 5-25 years of age. Secondary education most often consists of five year extensions specializing in a particular area, and citizens, on average, complete three.

Erui, Vedui, Uireb.


  • Most Serene Republic of Allathoné
Geopolitical, Country
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Democracy, Parliamentary
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Marble, limestone, timber, specialty honeys, perfume oils
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