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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Lyfalorian is by far the most extravagant of the Pearl Cities, clad in yellow-tinted marble and gold. While the other Pearl Cities were largely terraformed, raised comfortably above the standing-water level in the surrounding areas, Lyfalorian was built slightly lower with four interconnected canals to allow the blackwater marshes to slowly meander towards the Linnead River. The canals are not especially large, only measuring 20 feet at the widest point, and are mostly traversed by small personal skiffs and kayaks owned by locals, or occasionally rented to tourists.


The head of the city's government is the City Manager, who serves fifteen year terms, and below them is the city council, of which there are ten members who serve ten year terms. The City Manager is elected at-large, while each councilor is voted on by Lyalorian's ten districts.

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Tourism, tupelo honey, tupelo wood
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