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City Planner

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Allathoné is widely credited with creating the revolutionary field of city planning centuries ago, and no other city planning department has ever truly caught up to them, despite the fact that they have stagnated ever since their inception. After spending decades designing and then creating the Pearl Cities, they have become bulwarks against what they view as interference with perfection, and others view as progress. Any new construction or remodeling of homes must be approved by the City Planner's Office, and while most have historically been amenable to remodeling requests, new construction is a different story. In the Allathonéan capital city of Illstaesi, only twice in the past nine centuries of its existence has new construction been approved.


Anyone who is a citizen of Allathoné, can prove residency in the city in which they are running for at least two decades, and is at least 100 years of age is eligible to run for City Planner.
Civic, Political
Length of Term
10 years

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