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27th of Overlight, AE 721  
Fel-Shora is the final as well as the smallest of the Pearl Cities, known for having a more quiet, somber atmosphere than her sister cities. Clad in marble streaked with blues and greys, the city is often compared to a heavy storm cloud dropping a perpetual deluge. It is Allathoné's religious and funereal center, with a large chantry dedicated to Prem, deity of death and time, at the city's center, and a number of mortuaries, columbariums, and hospices throughout.   Known as Andreth to most Elves, the death god features in an Elven creation story, The Gift of Time, leading to him becoming one of the most worshiped deities in Allathoné, and so the layout of Fel-Shora was planned with his worship in mind. Of the Pearl Cities, it is the furthest up the Linnead River, farther than most tourists care to explore, but not so far that transportation would become unduly difficult for locals. It is a place meant for all stages of death and grief. Hospices throughout the city provide care and counseling to those nearing death, meant to ease their travels through Prem's domain, the Obsidian Pools, where they will first arrive after their passing. Mortuaries and columbariums meanwhile care for bodies, assist in funeral planning, and store cremains. A number of places will offer their services at little or no cost for those who are unable to afford it.


Fel-Shora is one of the most uniformly Elven cities both in Allathoné and on Aidonia in general, having a population that is 98% Elven. This leaves approximately 20,000 non-Elven citizens, most of whom are human or of mixed heritage.

Industry & Trade

While they are most known for their funerary trade, Fel-Shora is one of the Pearl Cities and as such has a monofloral honey it is known for. Many believe loss-blossoms are named such for the term in Common, referencing the grief and loss people visiting the city experience, but the term loss in Elvish actually means snow. Loss-blossoms are a low-lying, ground cover plant which blooms with large numbers of small, densely gathered white flowers, creating a look similar to snow on the ground. The honey that bees produce from it is said to have an aroma and flavor similar to raw cocoa butter, and has a dark amber color. It is popular for use in cocktails and baked goods.


Much like the other Pearl Cities, the use of automobiles is not permitted within the city, with the exception of particular loading and unloading areas around the docks. People often walk, bike, or make use of the tram which encircles the city.


Obsidian Quarter – Home to the Lamented Chantry, this area encompasses the center of Fel-Shora. It also includes the city hall building, dormitories for priests being trained at the Chantry, a number of hospice centers, and a combined park and cemetery which contains the remains of some of the city's first residents.   Fog Quarter – "Fog" is a polite euphemism used to describe the air in the quarter containing nearly all of the city's crematoriums. The quarter is located on the northern side of the city and a southerly breeze often blows any residual smoke out of the city, but there are occasionally days where it grows more stagnant.   Sodal Quarter – located on the dawnward side of the city, the Sodal Quarter is a largely residential area, filled with homes and condominium complexes owned by local families, as well as shops and parks.

Points of interest

The Lamented Chantry is a large church complex located in the center of Fel-Shora. It is dedicated to the worship of Prem and provides educational services for priests-in-training as well as a residency program for doctors specializing in end-of-life care.
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