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Asha Allanar

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  

Only for a night.

Spanning both sides of the Linnead River delta, Asha Allanar's skyline is often the first sight that comes to mind when thinking of Allathoné.
  Most who come to Asha Allanar are only there for a very brief stay, the town serving as a port-of-call for those heading further up the Linnead towards the capital, or further along the coast. As such, it has earned an unofficial tagline: only for a night. It is a city of risk-taking and indulgences and doing things you would never want your mother to find out about. Whatever tickles your fancy, you can likely find it here.


Much like the other Pearl Cities, Asha Allanar's buildings are built with marble cladding. The quarry they source their marble from is infused with feldspar, giving the marble a pink hue.
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