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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  

Knowledge for knowledge's sake.

Arcane Mistress

Nezna has long been a divisive deity among gods and mortals alike. While the goddess of magic and knowledge is commonly worshipped by magic-users and various types of scientists and researchers, she has been known to encourage her followers to push the boundaries of both magic and science, sometimes to disastrous results. She cares little for what ill her worshippers may cause because even failure can be learned from.   She is characterized as brash, ambitious, and shameless when it comes to getting what she desires.

Divine Domains

Acana, knowledge, the unknown

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A pair of hands holding a string figure made of golden thread; different peoples or sects of her worshippers will use different figures and assign them a particular meaning.

Physical Description

Body Features

Nezna was perhaps once some sort of humanoid, but scholars debate over what she truly is now. Too many parts have been replaced, changed, swapped out to leave her recognizable as anything but herself.  Reports of her appearance aren't great in number and are sometimes conflicting. They include, but are not limited to: her neck is made entirely of metal disks and can turn 180 degrees; her left leg is covered in shimmering, blue scales; her elbows have been replaced with metallic joints; her teeth are sharp and replace themselves like a shark.


Contacts & Relations

While their worshippers have little overlap, Nezna is known to have a close relationship with Prem. Perhaps because of their old age, or their both being divisive figures. Both are exceptionally powerful deities in their own right, but would likely prove unstoppable should they ever join forces in opposition to the entirety of the rest of the Ayadane pantheon.



Partner (Vital)

Towards Nezna



Partner (Vital)

Towards Prem



The true nature of Prem and Nezna's relationship has always been the subject of debate among scholars; they are the only known surviving primordial deities, believed to have existed for many eras, and as such their experience and power could pose a significant threat to younger deities who may seek to oppose them. Aligning themselves with each other makes them more of a threat but also provides a certain degree of protection. Some characterize this alignment as romantic, others believe it to be a partnership of convenience.

Divine Classification
Prem (Partner)
All black, pupil-less
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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