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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Since the 580s, biotranscendtalists have been called religious zealots, a cult, or simply rogue scientists attempting to do the impossible. Often shortened to 'biotrans,' they span ancestries and cultures, sometimes working in complete isolation and secrecy, other times cultivating joint research groups and networks, all with the aim of transcending their mortal bodies, improving and altering them so they can become something greater than what they were born as.   Of the biotrans who do their work more publically, many work in the medical engineering field creating new and innovative prosthetics. One of the most well known is Lisette Maldock, who is most well known for her controversial role in the development of the Alloid: a robotic humanoid form into which the souls of Maldock Trading Company workers who are nearing death have been necromantically attached, in order to allow them to continue working and supporting their families. She also serves as one of the Deans of Witherbloom College at Bruxaria University.


Individual biotranscendentalists may have their own personal ethical and moral codes, but the field of study overall is not known for prescribing any particular code to its participants. However, as many biotrans are followers of Nezna, the deity of knowledge and the arcane, they do often share one commonality in the belief that the act of seeking and creating knowledge is an inherent good, regardless of what that knowledge is or what must be done to obtain it.
Secret, Religious sect
Biotran (plural: biotrans)

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