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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Alloids are deceased souls, reanimated in a new, metallic body. Created by Maldock Trading Company's dedicated research and development department, these bodies are made exclusively to be reserved by their employees during their lifetimes, allowing them to continue to serve and generate income for their families (minus the years spent paying the bi-decadal rental fee, of course) even after death.   After 40 years of use and detailed research on their productivity, the alloids now come in male and female versions (to increase emotional wellbeing) of three models: Attendants (often shortened to "'Tens"), Stalwarts (Stals), and Fleets. The are designed to maximize efficiency. 'Tens are jacks of all trades; they often work in clerical positions, but are equally as capable of filling openings on the factory floor. Stals are the most common Alloid model and have large, dense forms capable of performing dangerous, labor-intensive jobs that require a human touch. Lastly, Fleets are the least common model, and the most specialized; designed to move at incredible speeds, they fill positions in security and emergency response.   There are approximately 3,000 Alloids currently in existence with 100 being produced each year. Maldock Trading Co. has plans to stabilize that number when they reach 5,000, continuing with the same level of production, but retiring oldest models and upgrading their users to new ones.

Naming Traditions

Other names

Alloids will retain their given and family names from their life, but, at least on company paperwork, will add a suffix to their name denoting their body's model (A, F, or S) and series (1 or 2), along with a three-digit ID number (e.g. A1-017, F1-004, or S2-103).


Major language groups and dialects

All alloids speak common as it is the language used by Maldock Trading Co., some may speak additional languages used by their families in life, although these individuals tend to be rather rare as many Docker families have lived and worked there for generations, often resulting in the gradual loss of native languages.

Shared customary codes and values

Regular rental fees are owed for the use of Alloid bodies. One out of every five years spent in the body, starting with their first year, will be unpaid in order to cover their rental fee. For the other four years, they will receive the typical salary for their position.
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