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The Helpers Manual

Meridian stumbled a bit but caught herself as the whole bookcase crashed down. Trapped beneath, her only hope was that her tracker would not discover her hiding spot. Her back ached and the dust from the books itched her eyes and nose. A sneeze is coming. The drone whirred through the library scanning for signs of the disturbance. The loud collapse of the bookcases tripped the motion sensors and intruder alert. This one sounded like a MX 34 Pro - Equipped with taser, anesthetic ammunition and inflatable entanglement netting. These bad boys primary design feature is to capture the target versus elimination. Scuffling sounds distracted the bot as it moved ahead. Meridian picked up a book to clear herself out of the rubble. Glanced at the title "Helpers Manual".


  Meridian was confused at first. She scanned the text with her universal translator. Nothing came up. Then she remembered some game her grandmother played with her. She used to hide toys and goodies around the house if she could understand the ancient code. Could it be? Pig Latin?    
Helping Hand Intro deciphered
Prose | Jul 27, 2022


After a few minutes, Meridian got the essence of the code and she flowed through it with an occasional hiccup now and then. She jotted down important elements for the Defiant Brethren.
  During the days of old, the Church commissioned or appointed specialized priests, called exorcists, who were tasked to deal with supernatural evil events. People possessed, haunted locations or cursed items, or unexplained phenomena were some of the duties tasks to these brave men.

Components and tools

An exorcist will utilize holy water, relics, certain scripture readings to irritate or create a "toxic" environment for the demon. It is of paramount importance to discover the reason or method of how a demon entered into the host. Common causes of doorways that give a demon "permission" to inhabit a person are: Satanic or Wiccan items practices/ rituals, yoga, attachment to pornography or other forms of sexual deviancy, affinity for horoscopes or other forms of divination like palm reading, mediums, ouji boards etc.    The Eucharist, as well as things connected to The Mother and St. Joseph are particularly despised by demonic entities. Certain saintly figures were champions against the devil and his legions such as St. Michael the Archangel, St. Padre Pio, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Catherine of Sienna and many more.


A group of devout laymen learned they can provide support to exorcists worldwide with supportive prayers and rituals. These auxiliary groups bolstered the exorcists efforts and magnified his influence over difficult cases. If a demon seemed particularly resistant to routine rites, the auxiliary may be called upon to reinforce the efforts.    For those able to directly participate in exorcism rites, they must undergo sacramental confession and maintain vigilant faith lest they become victims of spiritual retaliation from the demonic.    While an exorcist rests in between sessions, some high ranking members of the auxiliary may barrage the afflicted person with rosaries, prayers to saints and/or angels to maintain pressure to debilitate the demon thereby loosening its hold on the individual.


Holy days such as Christmas, Easter, Immaculate Conception, All Saints Day are some examples of the days with particular effect against high level cases.
prayer circle by Negative Image
Sometimes an exorcist will alert a local group of the Auxillary to bolster his efforts against a particular evil spirit infestation. They do not have to participate in the ritual, but if they are close they can intend all prayers for the priests endurance and his willpower. Calling upon angels and saints to bully the evil spirit from the area.

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