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Dererium Miner

Diggy diggy dererium...   These hardy individuals take it upon themselves to keep Peirolyth supplied with raw dererium both in service of their people and in honor of Eyurodin, Goddess of the Forge. Braving the smoking caldera of the Basek de Rhakka volcanic complex, they use sharp tools and keen eyes to identify prime chunks of precious dererium. Warriors would not have their weapons but for these stalwart workers. Innovations in equipment and transportation over the years have made the job less hazardous and cumbersome, but the demand for dererium has only increased especially with Mazzan requiring supplies to keep hungry Pegasi sated these days. Armed with Pegasi of their own, individual prospectors delve beyond the Northern Ring, relying on their friends to identify pure long as their Pegasi steed gets their cut, of course...



Either man or woman can become a miner, though the majority who undertake the effort are men. Anyone who is strong of arm willing to face danger or simply get out of the city and see the world is more than welcome to join the ranks. No license, permit, or formal training is required. Any individual can present themselves to Peirolyth and be provided with proper equipment, but Mazzan must supply the Pegasi.

Career Progression

Miners operate on an individual by-contract basis, and even though Pegasi can identify pure dererium pockets, only miners can chip away just the right amount of excess rock and leave the majority of the raw ore intact. There are no guilds, but each miner reports to either the Master Breeder of Mazzan or the High Forge in Peirolyth.

Payment & Reimbursement

Miners are awarded special tokens with the insignias of the respective buyers, but the bulk of ore is delivered to Peirolyth, and since the Pegasi bred at Mazzan originally were created at Fire-Stone Academy, by extension payment is on behalf of Eyurodin, Lady of Flames. One does not "strike it rich" mining dererium. It is a calling to serve not just the people but the Goddess of the Forge. Miners can save up a comfortable sum for their retirement when old age makes mining too difficult, but the highest honor would be for a family member, either a child or extended family, to be summoned to Peirolyth to study under the Lady of Flames.   That being said, no one short-changes or scams a dererium miner, and should anyone be craven enough to, it always catches the ear of Eyurodin. Even though she spends the majority of her time working the High Forge, every now and then she will get bored and enjoys a good smiting or two to ease the tedium.

Other Benefits

In addition to payment for each load delivered, miners are provided equipment and foodstuffs both for themselves and their steeds. Most food vendors in the Pavilion will recognize miners by their heat-tempered faces and ash-stained clothes and comp their meals in gratitude. Since dererium is used for so much implements in the city from kitchenware to bladed weapons, everyone owes their comfort to a dedicated miner.



Keeping both Peirolyth and Mazzan supplied with raw dererium ore.

Social Status

Miners are never looked down upon since they enjoy the favor of a god. They might not show up at balls or llaudauns, but are viewed warriors in their own right for battling the elements both biting cold and sweltering hot.


Ever since Deres discovered the iridescent metal which would bear his name, Thangiens have craved this miraculous metal in everything from nails and bolts to weapons of renown. The rings of a bucket, the drying rack in a home, everything made of metal is handcrafted by the artisans of Peirolyth, and like artists, they need a steady supply of their medium to work with. Dererium can be panned more safely by people not suited for the hazards of the caldera, but that process is slow and tedious without heavy machinery, which is forbidden by Roth. Miners are able to work within the limits of Roth's Edict while keeping the city supplied.  
Thangien-Thunthen War
-With wartime production at a record high not seen since Memner's failed counter-attack, miners became more crucial than ever. Sons and daughters not suited for combat nor skilled enough for a major vocation used their pegacorn steeds to venture into the caldera. In the present day with pegacorns nigh extinct and Pegasi taking their place, dererium is needed in far greater amounts than before, and the Basek de Rhakka is quite generous with its volcanic bounty.  
A Miner and his Steed by Mardrena
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A trusty pickaxe, of course, rappelling rope, netting, sacks, and cleated boots. Dried food and ample amounts of water either in skins or canteens. A trusty Pegasi steed will carry this and more provided the miner allows them a nibble of the good stuff...


Protective gear consisting of specially-modified reinforced cloth able to shunt away the worst of the heat while keeping the skin cool.


The Basek de Rhakka, "Basilica of Flame" or "Towers of Unending Flame", is not as prone to geothermal instability as say Planet Thunthen, but the air is very dark, skies clogged with ash clouds and overcast. The heat is nearly smothering and miners must keep well-hydrated at all times.

Provided Services

Miners mostly work for Peirolyth and Mazzan but on occasion a high-ranking House might request a load for an aspiring son or daughter to practice their craft. In addition to dererium, the caldera is also a source of the heat-gems used for the forges. If a miner happens upon a patch of those, they load up as much as possible.

Dangers & Hazards

The air in the caldera is heavy and full of ash, requiring face masks and protective filters to avoid sickness. No fatalities have ever been recorded, but that can be attributed to miners' loyal steeds.
Alternative Names
Rockbreakers, Dererium Diggers
Raw Materials Gathering
Even though miners must abide by Roth's Edict, they operate on behalf of Eyurodin. The abundance of surface deposits at the caldera allow them to harvest dererium relatively safely.
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Author's Notes

I saw a documentary about how some fishermen in India train river otters to "herd fish" into nets, and the otters are "paid" with a portion of the catch. It's so funny seeing them reach out with their little finger-paws to get their scaly paycheck...

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