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Hammer sings the forge's songs...   The Goddess of the Forge, did not have a specific name for her instrument of choice. After the unjust murder of artisans, Oorotin smote her anvil in Pauraluxth, screaming in grief. Showers of sparks flew high into the sky and seemed to linger, giving rise to the belief that she could create stars by striking the High Forge with her mallet, creating eternal glittering monuments in the heavens for slain heroes. The ancient people took to calling the mallet Starforger, and the name stuck since Eyurodin has not seen fit to correct the record in her many millennia serving as a god. Smiths strike their anvils as part of memorial services to this day. Those who cannot afford to inter loved ones in a dedicated family crypt will petition the Lady of Flames to cremate the remains in Peirolyth, but far from a pauper's burial, having stars forged in one's memory is quite literally the highest honor achievable.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Statements from both popular myth and the Lady of Flames herself state that the mallet is the condensed matter of a dead star.  

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  God Wars
"Um...there's a bit of a problem..." Miz stated from where he stood tapping away at his screen tablet. "We analyzed those coordinates's no star there..."
  "What do you mean there's 'no star'? That's impossible! Stars don't grow legs and walk off they either go supernova or turn into dwarfs," Rowen argued.
  "T...Th...That's because it's right here." They turned to the side and looked to Eyurodin who had one arm folded over her stomach lazily and her other forearm raised, the mallet Starforger in her grip.
  "What, you seriously expect us to believe that is an entire star?" Cye scoffed.
  "Hold out your hand," Eyurodin stated in her usual deadpan tone. Cye blinked and did a double take, surprised at seeing her suddenly standing next to him, not seeing her move at all.
  "Okay, fine, I'm holding out my hand. I'm not sure what this is supposed to pro-" Cye raised his hand and Eyurodin lifted her arm and unceremoniously dropped Starforger into his open palm. "EEEP!!" Cye yelped as an immense weight nearly dislocated his shoulder and pulled him down towards the ground. The mallet landed with a loud banging thud, pinning his fingers under the handle. Cye tugged and tugged but could not slip his fingers out from under the grip. Shockingly enough it kept sinking into the ground very rapidly. Cye struggled and grunted helplessly and Eyurodin kept her arms folded over her chest, looking unimpressed with his antics. She let out a fluttering sigh and rolled her eyes then stooped down and reached into the now several-inches-deep cavity and effortlessly retrieved the mallet, leaning back up and slipping it into a loop on her belt.
  Cye staggered back, clutching his wrist. An angry red weal ran across all four fingers and they looked disjointed. "You broke my hand!" he accused. Eyurodin flicked her fingers absently and Cye suddenly saw the mark had vanished and he could move his fingers freely again. " unbroke it..." he admitted and backed away a step cautiously.
  "I...I...It takes half of my concentration to keep Starforger in check at all times. Most outsiders assume Ritho is the weakest of us. In reality, she is stronger than I since I operate on a rather significant handicap..." Eyurodin explained and nodded in the direction of the Morning Mother, who shifted in place and tugged the corners of her shawl idly.


Eyurodin has kept this instrument with her at all times from the earliest days when she tutored primitive men under the name Oorotin. It is featured prominently in artwork pertaining to her. In one of the rare instances she left Peirolyth, she used it to devastating effect during the City Strife, personally smiting transgressors who triggered her Covenant. It is both a tool and weapon and serves as a foci for the goddess' power. In artistic portrayals of the Bloody Bricks she is shown hurling the mallet with lethal force, taking the head of Yanwis-Yapign's last and youngest son-clean off his shoulders.  

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God Wars
"Okay listen up everyone: this is strictly a search-and-rescue operation. Do not engage the enemy! Leave the major fighting to the heavy hitters," Ryo ordered over the open channel as Witheren and Eyurodin strode forth from the parked fleet ships, Witheren twirling Bloodletter and Eyurodin flipping Starforger in her hand casually. "Roth has her hands full dealing with the big bad, so focus on getting as many people as you can find to safety!" The colossal seething avatar of Roth loomed against the sky as she faced Gigamatamur. Odesseyeur's bay doors hinged open, allowing Raurgoth to emerge from the cargo hold. As mighty and majestic as he seemed, even he paled in comparison to the two superbeings clashing in the sky like two storm fronts colliding. In the distance they could see humanoid shapes skittering amongst the ruins; Fallen Males who had lost all sense of themselves and forsaken their power entirely.
  "D...Di...Disgraceful! Look at what they've degenerated into..." Witheren hissed as the horde swarmed and scrambled towards the parked Argonauth. "How many do you think you can take?" she flashed a smile at Eyurodin.
  "I...I...I have over ten thousand years of pent up frustration." Eyurodin planted her feet and wound back her arm. The swarm seemed to anticipate her move and skittered out of the projected path as Eyurodin hurled Starforger. The mallet seemed to pull the air around itself with it as it hurtled past, tearing apart even those who had sprung out from infront of the hammer itself. "It takes half of my power to keep it restrained. T...Th...Think of what I can do with all of my power at my disposal!" Eyurodin splayed her hand forward, recalling Starforger into her palm. She hurled the mallet once more, and while it flew, lashed her arm downward in a chop, bringing a wide invisible whip down to crush attackers in a row. She repeated this pattern, sending crowds of Males splattering just as they began to approach the perimeter.
  "I...Im...Impressive, but I prefer a more hands on approach!" Witheren purred and dashed into the crowd, twirling and slashing gracefully, sending blood flying in great gouts from dismembered limbs so much that a cloud of red hung about her and yet her neat white blouse remained unstained. "AAAH HAAA HAAA!!! HAAA HAAAA HAAAA!" the Maiden of Blood cackled gleefully as she danced her bloody dance, and she and the Lady of Flames kept the hordes at bay.
Events of Aftermath
-The mallet allows Eyurodin to breathe new life into the broken Soul Swords of Fervor, shattered during the climax of Original Animated Series Legend of Inferno.
Events of Foes From Another World
-Although Eyurodin does not smite Talpa for attempting to kill Australa, she does enforce her Covenant by restraining him long enough for Australa to steal back the sword she made from him.
Events of Neo Ronin
-A solid throw from Starforger puts a final end to the villainous gensho as it tried to crawl to safety in a last ditch effort for survival.

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  Spacequake Ch. 11
Ryo could only hover, a disembodied observer to events unfolding in the chaotic setting. He could see parts of the otherworldly city burning, metallic structures collapsing and smoke billowing into the air. The only illumination came from sputtering lights scattered throughout abandoned corridors and thoroughfares. He looked up at the sky and couldn't believe what he saw: a star that looked...withered! It looked like someone had stuck a prune in the oven and forgotten about it. Its sickly bluish-white corona flickered and sputtered feebly in the distance. He looked down when he saw movement and spotted three figures pelting down the passageway. His eyes widened as he recognized them.
  Roth! And there's Witheren, and Eyurodin! What the heck is going on? Ryo blinked in surprise upon seeing Roth holding what looked like a little girl of about eight or so in her arms. Wisps of light brown hair poked out from under a blue cowl. He could hear them speaking frantically, but their voices sounded like the ringing of chimes. After a few moments, his perception adjusted and Roth's voice became coherent as they neared the end of the passageway and exited into a wide area. Ryo saw something that looked like Peirolyth, only without the brickwork steps surrounding the base.
  "W...Wh...Where are the others! They should have been here by now!" Roth cried, sounding frantic. She set down the little girl and glanced about at nearby entryways then turned around and looked up at the vessel. "T...Th...This is far too big a shuttle for just the four of us!"
  "They knew the time and place! We're cutting it close enough as it is!" Witheren snarled. Eyurodin turned around and looked skyward at the sickened star.
  "We cannot save our world, but I can at least make sure they no longer have this to exploit!" She raised her hand to the sky and splayed her fingers. Ryo watched amazed as tendrils of light surged out from the star, bridging the gap in seemingly mere seconds and flowing into Eyurodin's palm. The remains of the star coalesced into a bright glowing sphere.
  "Oorotin! What have you done!?" Roth-or Wrawthe- exclaimed in wonder and horror.
  "I have no idea, but it's taking half of my focus just to keep it restrained!" Oorotin cried.
  "That's great! Now they know where to find us," Witheren-or Wuerhen- grumbled and glanced at the entryways.


All crafting mallets are designed in Starforger's likeness. The first such mallets were made by Eyurodin herself with successive copies being made by senior crafters and passed down to newer apprentices.
“Thangiens believe in their early history, only the light of the twin moons shone in the night sky, and they felt lonely in the dark. Eyurodin toiled at the fires of Peirolyth and the sparks flying off her anvil became constellations to comfort the people,” Rowen said sleepily.   “Such a feat was only possible,” Australa shouted between strikes. “Because of her own mallet, Starforger, said to be crafted from the matter of a dying sun. That’s how she was able to re-forge the swords of Hau-iyo. All mallets are made in Starforger’s likeness.”
— Foes From Another World Ch. 15
Item type
Creation Date
+6000 B.C. (8000+ years Earth-Time)
Current Location
Current Holder
The cherished instrument of a crafter and a god, no other instrument of its potency and weight is known to exist. Even Witheren's halberd Bloodletter and Roth's sword do not compare in terms of weight or capabilities.
5inx2inx2in (head) 10inx1 in (handle)
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Super-condensed stellar matter
"Starforger looks rather innocuous and plain enough. It's not gilded or inlaid with precious gems. There are no inscriptions in an exotic language, no enchanted runes of any sort. Aside from the two bands on the ends and the sacred Seven-Pointed-Star, there seem to be no significant attributes. Eyurodin never sets it down unattended unless on a hoop at her waist. It truly must be a divine weapon since only she seems capable of carrying it..."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian

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