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G'thru Plant (Gih-throo)

For brighter, bolder, bouncier hair...   Another of Deres' finds from his great trek, this plant found almost exclusively in the Southern Salt at a glance resembles a member of the pitcher plant family. The sweet sticky concoction it carries in its cauldron-like leaves attracts hapless insects, but when pulped, rendered, and distilled, creates a cosmetic compound that reinvigorates hair as well as creates an additional side-effect. Whilst experimenting in his studio, a drop splattered against the back of Deres' hand and he noticed the hairs turn brilliant silver. Noting this came from the rendered plant extract, he asked for volunteers among his associates and relatives, and experimentation yielded a variety of colors based on their original hair color. As rare and prestigious as a Silver-Haired Maiden is, the first individual with silver hair was not a maid, but a man.

Basic Information


Found as a reed, the plant starts off with a thick pale base tapering into long segments with veins of purple, green, and yellow. Leaves are found at the base of each segment, a palm-sized bowl spreading out into a wedge-shaped leaf.

Genetics and Reproduction

The leaf bowls eventually wither, dry, and fall into the water before drifting along the current, finding purchase on another shore before sprouting anew.

Growth Rate & Stages

Plants start out as small stalks before thickening and growing in height over a period of a week to a month, reaching maximum height after roughly four weeks.

Ecology and Habitats

Wherever the ground is silty and soggy, the plant can be found. Smaller roots tend to ride along the surface of the ground while longer thicker roots keep it anchored to the soil.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The plant is primarily insectivorous but it can also leech nutrients from the soil as needed.

Biological Cycle

The stalk itself can last between a few months to a cycle (two Earth-years) provided tree bears don't eat them or Pei monkeys uproot them as part of a dowry.


Whenever insects fall into the lure pouch, the edges of the leaf contract and tiny fibrous 'hairs' extend to keep prey from clambering out. Usually the prey is too engrossed with the lure to think of escaping, however.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The lure on its own has no effect on hair. Only the entire plant fully pulped, distilled, and rendered produces the color-alteration effect. Extract is used in various hair-care products such as shampoo and conditioner. Even though the color-alteration itself is permanent, the extract keeps hair vibrant, voluminous, and resilient.  

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  Far Star Traveler
"GWAAAAAHHH!!" Yainae jumped when she heard Aleksander yelp and promptly ran over to the washroom where she found him staring into the mirror, hands gripping the sink basin. "What!? What the HELL is this!!!" Aleksander stared at his reflection wide-eyed in horror upon seeing his formerly brown hair had turned bright blue. He glanced to the side when he heard Yainae break out laughing, nearly slumping against the door frame. She staggered over to the cubbyhole above the tub and picked up the bottle of what Aleksander had assumed was shampoo.   "I-I-I am s-so s-so sor-ry," she chuckled, nearly doubling over with laughter. "I-I have been alone for so long, I forgot this was even up here!" Yainae looked fit to pop a rib from laughing so hard. "We call it G'thru extract. A side-effect of using it is changing the natural color of ones' hair. I should have told you, I am s-sorry," she giggled, looking as if she hadn't laughed that hard in literally years. Aleksander grimaced and glanced back at the mirror. Some of the damned stuff had leaked into his moustache too...   "Will it wash out?"   "No!"   "What?!" Aleksander glanced back at her, horrified.   "The color is permanent, only fading with age." Aleksander raked his fingers through his hair and glanced at the mirror, exasperated.   "This...would definitely be considered a dress-code violation at home..." he muttered. He glanced to the side when Yainae leaned against him and gave his shoulders a reassuring squeeze.   "Look at it this way...now you finally fit in," Yainae comforted and looked in the mirror. Aleksander let out a rueful chuckle and the two stared at their reflection: Yainae with her lavender hair streaked with silvery gray and Aleksander with his bright blue locks.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found primarily in the Southern Salt as well as fringes of the Winding White delta.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

While the lure concoction is sweet to smell and taste it is not very nutritious, but that does not stop tree bears from eating the plant, leaf, stalk and all. Local Pei monkeys collect leaves and seem to use the concoction as both a gift and a cologne with males presenting plants as part of their courtship rituals.   There are theories that the plant draws up trace chemicals from the water and through whatever process converts it for both sustenance and to produce its lure. Thus it has something of a purifying effect on the water: the denser the concentration of G'thru plants, the cleaner the water tends to be, but this also contributes to the plant's variable lifespan. Once water becomes too pure the nutrient content drops, and the supporting root network starts to lose strength.  

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  Spacequake Ch. 11
"So I've been thinking; I've got a little bit of training, Mom's got her company and all, I know some basics of chemistry, so what do you think of this...hair dye!" Shainie said flaring her fingers. Shannon stared at the screen stoically, blinking slowly.   "...you do know Thangiens use plant extract to color their hair..." she drawled, grimacing in exasperation.   "Well see that's the thing! Ever since you all started coming to town," Shainie gestured to Ryo where he stood next to Shannon. "There's been sort of this growing fad among the youth to kinda go 'au natural'. Now, see G'thru extract nukes the root, but your DNA still says you're supposed to have x-color of hair, right? So if the plant nukes the root, then there has to be a way to chemically nuke it back, you figure?" Ryo glanced out the corner of his eye and noticed the corner of Shannon's jaw moving as she ground her teeth behind her lips. "You know, there's a funny story Yainae told me that one of King Torke's relatives got jealous and tried to slip some extract into his shampoo when he was younger and Ritho smote his ass to kingdom come..." Shannon looked like she couldn't take much more of her cousin's prattling. "Um...so...about what I really wanted to call you about..." Shainie furrowed her brow, her bubbly tone becoming very serious all of a sudden.

Civilization and Culture


Even though Deres unlocked the properties of the reed five thousand years ago, the trend of coloring hair did not catch on until much later after the end of the City Strife when people had more opportunity to travel and explore. Because the plants' properties are more potent when fresh, suppliers went straight to the source in the Southern Salt, carrying bundles soaked in buckets on the backs of pegacorn steeds. The plant does not do well outside of the wild with efforts to cultivate it in Bainshaebo proving unsuccessful, whether because of the water, soil, or air content. Freelanders can't transport reeds on foot without them drying out, but if they happen to have a mortar and pestle on hand and a clay jar, it is possible to pulp the reed on-site and transport the extract without losing potency.   Women with silver hair are called to serve Roth, but far rarer are men with silver hair. Deres was one of the earliest, and known as one of the most brilliant minds in history. In modern times, it is thought women may have a divine calling, but men with silver hair yield eccentric, creative personalities that shape history. In the present day, Orn Orn Grast, Khanphe of Raaezen, and Kin Kin Aega, Coval of the Traedeskaton are known to be incredibly brilliant in their respective fields, though Coval primarily has blue hair with most of his silver a result of age.
G'thru Reed by Mardrena
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  Far Star Traveler
"Ho! Oldworlder! The new look suits you!" Ander paused and turned around, making a face and he saw two young men approaching him: a lanky fellow with long messy lavender hair and lavender stubble along his jawline and the other with short brown hair and bright brown eyes.   "Do I still stand out that much?" he demanded, exasperated.   "You must keep in mind: facial hair is uncommon among our people. Those of Oldworlder stock tend to stand out," the brown-haired lad stated. Ander glanced at him and raised an eyebrow.   Stand out? He should talk. Nearly every person I've met has had hair in one bright color or another, and here this fellow looks as plain as can be... The young man seemed to take notice of Ander's confusion and smiled, tugging at one of his bangs.   "Ah, there is a Doom upon me! At the hour of my birth, the Morning Mother visited my mother and instructed her not to color my hair, and I have kept it plain ever since to remind me of my humility."   "Ahh...like Biblical Samson?" Ander queried.   "I have no idea who that is, but I suppose so!" the man replied cheerfully. Ander made a face. How could the people here not have heard of the Good Book? He lamented he hadn't a copy on his person when he crashed...
“You know…you never told me why you started dyeing it in the first place. Or maybe I never asked,” Rowen shrugged as he followed Roxi to the kitchen. Roxi smiled, reminiscing.   “My cousins and I used to go paintballing, and I’d always win, but one of them complained my hair blended in so well with the trees on the course, they couldn’t see me. So, I said I’d dye it the brightest, eye-poppingest blue I could find so I’d stand out more. They still couldn’t find me,” Roxi snickered. Rowen smiled at the story and leaned against the counter.   “Well, you could try this stuff they make on Thanged out of plant extract. It goes off your natural color and amplifies it. Sometimes it brings out shades you normally don’t see, like Danae would’ve been a blonde originally….” Rowen trailed off at the searing look Roxi gave him.   “Rowen, I’m a carrot-head; my hair’d get oranger!!”
— Foes From Another World Ch. 8
“I’m kinda glad you decided not to use G’thru extract, otherwise your hair would’ve ended up looking like a construction sign” a voice teased. Roxi threw an annoyed scowl over her shoulder. “Don’t get me wrong, I like the new look. It’s nice and kind of like a sunset…”   “You’re a terrible flatterer, Rowen Hashiba,” Roxi grumbled as Rowen knelt by her.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 8
6-24 months
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
4-8 inches (leaf)
Geographic Distribution
“Only once a generation is a female born with the rare natural hair color that produces silver when exposed to G’thru extract. From birth are these children designated as Handmaidens of Roth. I am to preside over the Pairing, but I am honored to be able to meet you in person beforehand and see the man behind the myth.”-Silver-Haired Maiden
— Foes From Another World Ch. 20
“Thelektukak, Ronin Warriors!” Ru Ru Tiki, Aurora greeted at the gate. Danae and Australa’s older sister sported hair with as many colors as her name thanks to G’thru plant extract, and her Pegasi, Northern Light, looked just as vibrant.
— Fight Alone Ch. 15

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