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Summer Camp Reading 2023

Well...the exhillerating rush of Summer Camp 2023 is all calming down. It's a tad bittersweet. Yes, the month was hectic and I was not able to do everything that I wanted, but I am grateful for the experience. It is quite sad that summer itself is almost over, as this is my favorite season of the year. It hasn't yet taken its bow, however. We have the entire month of August and part of September to continue relishing in the summer sun, but the days are already growing shorter and things are cooling off a bit. Still, I know there is a lot to look forward to, including WorldEmber and the WorldBuilding Awards. I just feel like time is moving entirely too fast.
As of now, I have approximately 266 WorldAnvil notifications (and counting). I am going to try to get through those slowly but surely. I am also the Community Sponsor for the Character Driven by Wanderlust or the Desire to Explore prompt, so I certainly have my work cut out for me. On top of all this, I'm participating in the Reading Challenge. So, without further ado, let's summarize this summer camp...

Read on to find out some of my favorite articles in the category!

What I did this Camp...


New York Meetup (with Photos and Tags!)

This year, I decided to do something that I'd never done. I usually only travel with family to see other family lol. As a step towards trying to do better about taking care of myself and doing fun things, I took off work for a weekend and rode out on my own to see some WorldAnvil peeps in New York! It was hectic but fun. :)
Lovely Beans I've Seen <3
Dimitris Havlidis
Janet Forbes
Greta (Mirescosmo)
Polina "Line" Arteev (Strixxline)
E. Christopher Clark (EccBooks)
Lauren (Lnphysics)
Morgan Biscup (Vazdimet)
J33T (Voshling33)
Cas (Casanovaelrey)
Robin Bernstein (YikosCastle)
Amanda (JeSuisAmanda)
If you were there and I missed you, sorry! Please let me know in the comments. I'll add you to the list!

Twitch Streams

Though I didn't always start on time, I managed to stream on Twitch quite a bit over the course of the last few months. From prep, to camp, and now the after party, I will try my best to continue streaming whenever I can for you guys! Also, I'm so close to having 300 followers! That may not seem like a lot, but I feel like it's quite the accomplishment for me. Thanks to everyone who has already subbed. Much love!

Writer's Retreat + ArtFight

I hosted a Writer's Retreat in my discord server. There were new activities every day...except the days I got really sick (which was another thing that threw a wrench into my month lol) but I'm glad I feel better now. We shared, learned, and grew a lot. We supported each other and had lots of fun! If you'd like to join the community, it's never too late. We try to have fun all year round, especially during cool events. Everyone's welcome, so invite all your friends, too!
I also joined ArtFight for the first time!
Handsome Co-Host got a lot of cool fanart! I am so grateful to all the cool members who dedicated their time to make awesome things!

Let's Do the Reading!

I know we're supposed to choose THREE categories and pick THREE articles from each of them, but there were just too many prompts and too many cool articles to only do that! Let's mix things up a bit, shall we?
the title & responsibilities of an important person in your world
20th Itera's Most Feared Scholar
Rank/Title | Dec 10, 2023
  This is quite the jam packed article laid out very neatly by DreamCartographer with wonderful art, several perspective voices, and lovely css all to showcase an intriguing title that has only been held by one person: High Councillor Ferro. A true mad scientist, if I ever did see one. Detailed story, captivating imagery, and curious mystery make this somewhat lengthy article well worth the read, so, buckle up for a thrilling ride!
Rank/Title | Aug 1, 2023
  The juxtaposition of The Listeners wearing simple robes to denote their own unimportance paired with the high significance of their meaningful role is beautiful to read. ThomasF shows us how their position is revered not because who they are, but Who they represent. A very straight and to the point article with not many embelishments, but that is quite fitting, given the theme. I now want to know more about this world!
Master Breeder
Rank/Title | Aug 1, 2023

Working in concert with Peirolyth, the bulk of efforts now go toward the breeding, feeding, and training of Pegasi, the mechanical reincarnations of the nigh-extinct pegacorns.

  An intriguing look at Mardrena's world and its characters, but the stars of the show are the Master Breeders. Important responsibilities are highlighted through quotes, descriptions, and bits of prose. The curious beasts they are in charge of are very fascinating, but can be quite tempermental.

a letter sent in secret by a well-known person in your world
Theo's Puzzle

Theo's Puzzle
Document | Aug 1, 2023
  A mind-boggling interactive article by DreamCartographer that allows you to step into the story and try your hand at solving a curious puzzle in order to unlock and read the message that was sent from a scholar turned notorious criminal to the young prodigy Sharp.
A Letter Between Brothers
A Letter Between Brothers
Document | Jul 31, 2023
  Cognoscente presents a fascinating tale of bravery, strength, battle, and sacrifice all outlined in a letter penned from Drew to his brothers Darren and Daniel. This short made me curious about the world and its characters. Though brief, there is a lot to explore.
Train Ride to Kyushu - A Sleep Story
Document | Mar 18, 2024

Suzu's rambles on the phone to Tatsuya because she misses him and he can't sleep. (A sleep story)

  A cute little interaction between characters via text message, phone call, and mobile app recording. ShyRedFox transports us via train to a tranquil moment in time that highlights sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings as sleepy Ohno tries to help her restless friend Umeji retire for the evening.

an animal found in a non-populated area

There were so many of these! Too many to choose just three!

Doric Bears
Species | Oct 26, 2023

Doric Bears are native to the Sun Valley and are said to be descended from arrogant humans...

Chrispy_0's mystical bears have curious tendencies and a questionable origin in this article penned by a mysterious in-world character we may never know.
Species | Jul 31, 2023
Deleyna shares with us a simple species that many are already familiar with, but presents them in an in-world voice and helps us to imagine all kinds of shenanigans with chickens IN SPAAAAACE!
Species | Jul 20, 2023
DMSirSwank99 introduces us to some elusive but beautiful but vicious wildcats. I love the glorious descriptions of these majestic creatures, but I'd definitely only admire them from a distance. XD
Caustic butterfly
Species | Mar 17, 2024

A carnivorous butterfly whose fluttering let fall a caustic substance that melts its prey. Used in alchemy, rituals & jewellery. Handle carefully to avoid risks of corrosion, fire & explosion, & store in properly labelled glass bottles. NOT FOR PRANKS!

Another lovely looking species with dangerous abilities. I really appreciated the format AmélieIS used. A long article is nice, but being short and to the point while still staying visually appealing is a truly wonderful feat.
Pei Monkey
Species | Jul 31, 2023

Crestas view gherfen as a nuisance, but the monkeys hate the "helmed hawks" with bitter ferocity.

Mardrena has penned a very detailed article filled with so much useful information solidifying the species. Accompanied by wondrous illustrations, it's another lengthy pick worth the read.
Species | Jul 29, 2023
Escritora Novata presents a curious species and tells us a lot while not telling too much at all. So much is left to the imagination, filling my brain with more questions. My kind of article! ;D

a system to send messages between distant places

There were so many of these! Too many to choose just three!

Gate Repeater
Technology / Science | Jul 24, 2023
  A curious and strange technology that is in no way guaranteed. This was a fun read by Frogdrake, and it's entertaining to think that there just have to be at least a few folks who've pretended not to have received messages when they actually did! blame it on the unreliability. ;D    
News Networks
Technology / Science | Jul 27, 2023
  TheDoctor292 brings us back to something very relatable to our real lives as well. The news is something that many are familiar with. It can be selective. It can leave out information. It can promote propoganda. It can be depressing. It can be unreliable. But many still appreciate it. It's very intriguing to see that even fictional scifi worlds set in distant time periods and far away planets can still face some of the real-world pains we see every day.  
Semaphore network
Technology / Science | Mar 17, 2024

Towers that use magic to transmit messages through light! Write your message on a chalkboard & we will use our mirrors to relay it through the country until it reaches its recipient! The quickest and safest communication mean in Nélannie!

  I love in-world ads so much, and this article by AmélieIS is no exception! There's nothing shady about this at all. Nope. Nothing suspicious whatsoever. Confidentiality is guaranteed. ;)  
Aurelian Pigeon Network
Technology / Science | Mar 20, 2024

The network of hard-working avians bringing messages into the hands of Savelan people.

  Strixxline...they are known for the adorable birbs, aren't they? I simply had to include some of them in my reading! I adore Strixx's art, and the way these beautiful birds are described is just charming. The quote from the breeder made me think that the pigeons could be a bit vicious if not fed, but the ominous warning was not elaborated upon. I love the curious mystery of it all, but now I'm scared to find out what could happen if I forget the corn!
Technology / Science | Dec 12, 2023
  Ah. The internet. This is a great system to send messages that I appreciate very much. BasicDragon shares its uses in their world, and describes how it sadly isn't available to all...a fact that unfortunately rings true in our real life as well.  
Text Messaging
Technology / Science | Aug 1, 2023
  When I first saw the title of the article, I expected something more true to real life like the Internet. Instead, Moonlight Bard pleasantly surprised me with this interesting technology that uses special paper created by Lumikelp plants. How intriguing!    
Sending Office
Technology / Science | Nov 8, 2023

Narrow, rectangular boxes were stacked on their sides on the shelves that lined the walls. Each held sorted scrolls, letters and pamphlets for delivery to distant cities and villages. Thom ran the Sending Office in Etonia, at least until a few days ago...

  George Sanders is a wonderful storyteller. But, even these simple, informative articles hold my attention. The way the facts are presented still reads like a curious story. I'd love to meet Thom and try my hand at these cyphers as I adore puzzles! Thom might be a bit of a con, but you have his word, right? ;D
a couple more fun ones!
Passion's Kiss
Species | Aug 8, 2023
  Edit! I thought I had included this lovely little article by Colonel 101. The Passions Kiss flower is so beautiful and delicate. While Colonel's world is filled with horrors at every turn, such a lovely sight is welcome to the eyes and heart. I love the descriptions and how different cultures treat it differently. It also has several uses that sadly make it a very rare find.  
Phantom Touch
Language | Jul 27, 2023
  DreamCartographer does an awesome job describing such an intricate form of silent communication! The detail, attention, and time put into this, thinking about all the different ways it can be used, is super impressive! I can totally imagine this happening as a real thing! Silly though to imagine reply-alls and accidental sends lol

Character | Jul 30, 2023
  The Mysterious AK brings us a mysterious character who lurks in the shadows. I simply adore the breaking-the-fourth-wall first-person having a conversation with us approach to the article. Many of you know I simply adore characters and interviewing them is my specialty. It was nice to sit across from Petrov and find out a little more about them...even if they do seem a bit shady...  
Mr. Shadow
Character | Apr 14, 2024

A permanent guest at Lola's Comfy Kitchen, Mr. Shadow is a well known karaoke singer and raconteur. That's it. Really. That's all there is to him.

  Edit! This was another fun one by Kitoypoy that I thought I had already included. That's what I get for trying to multitask while working from home lol XD But this article was nice! It had so much flavor and mystery. Kitoypoy always has that signature look in the world, and fills every article with several quotes from different people so that we can see multiple perspectives. Mr. Shadow himself is very intriguing. And I had to include this one because of a hidden... :D You'll have to find out. ;) I like this guy a lot!
Shbbrs: Mischievous Guardians
Species | Jul 26, 2023
  I loved the creative voice of our dear mister Shady Salesman. Kwyn Marie use of the obviously unreliable narrator, paired with awesome imagery and our own personal skeptical questions makes this article a sure fun favorite. Not to mention the name of these mischievous little creatures and the stories of how they behave!
Wisp Migration
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 28, 2023
  SanctifiedSavage's aesthetic world of roayal intrigue and social drama parts way to a quaint moment in the forest where bioluminescent butterflies glow. As an ameteur photographer, I would love to travel to Myoiw at night and capture the beauty of it all. Along with the native folks singing and dancing along, I think I might film a few videos, too. <3
Gilded Moss
Material | Nov 25, 2023
  I like how TaraFaeBelle conveys stories through the characters' points of view. Often students and young ones who are learning and being a bit mischievous which makes it all the more fun! I also like the use of sticky notes along the article, and the comments from the Council. This moss, though..."not very poisonous"??? I don't think I'd want to try it baked in cookies. Especially not after seeing the look in Mimi's eyes!
Material | Jul 10, 2023

Time is money, but it is also time.

  Qurilion puts a twist on the material prompt...TIME really is a useful resource that so many of us feel like we don't have enough of. The Megacorpolis world itself is so very relatable and hilarious in a way that you sometimes have to laugh to keep from crying when you realize how much of a parody it is to our actual lives. It's a funny little escape until you realize you're probably reading about yourself. ';D All in all, never fails to entertain.
Juareziq Yazli Elgitarzi
Species | Dec 15, 2023
  Razhea informs us of another charming and mischievous species...admittedly more charming than the Shbbrs. ';D These adorable little creatures may be timid, but they won't shy away from stealing things from you! I like how the people don't consider themselves owners but friends of these beasts. I have a tribe of people with a similar mindset in my medieval world of Wynsumheord.  
Shark Wolves
Species | Jul 28, 2023
  This is both adorable and horrifying at once! Bipedal shark-wolf hybrids are described quite nicely by lil_pinecone. Though the idea of these creatures is a bit creepy, they also seem very fascinating to me. I'd love to see one, especially when the floppy-eared pups were mentioned! It's sad the general public is being asked to help kill them off due to the fact that they are considered an invasive species. ;'(  
Peregrine Cart
Vehicle | Jul 24, 2023

The Peregrine Cart: a marvel of non-magical engineering, navigating Rolara's treacherous terrains. Discover the secret behind its resilience.

  I like how TheMrBeasley describes these interesting vehicles that work by non-magical means. The pedaling sounds nice, and I'd love to see how these things look. i like the intracacies of operation outlined, along with the summary of the communications used at the end of the article.  
Abnormality Events
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 5, 2023
  Edit! I can't seem to stop remembering articles I wanted to add to this! All of you have been so busy and so creative! I've seen some awesomely wonderful things! Just like these Abnormality Events by Orthais. Their entire world is super intriguing and never ceases to amaze me. BUT, these are a twisted take on the Natural Law prompt. Things popping up out of nowhere...things blipping out into nothingness...and, I've since found out that there are dangerous side effects that could come from being exposed to too much Abnormality energy...!!!

Community Sponsorship...

There were a total of 350 articles submitted to the Character Driven by Wanderlust or the Desire to Explore prompt! I offered up a form this month to make sure I thoroughly read through the ones who took time to submit. I still read over a lot of the rest, but working two full-time shifts per day did not help me to get very much done at all. Sorry!
Nevertheless, check out the Twitch Streams of me reading through some very interesting characters and discover all my favorite ones that really stood out to me below.

Streamed Article Readings!


Overall Favorites!



Thanks for checking out my Reading Challenge article.

I will be updating things when I can.

God bless, much success, I wish you the best, get some rest,

and I pray you all enjoy the remainder of the season! <3


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