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House of Spies

Hey hey! I've got a mission going. It'll benefit us all, and I think you'll be perfect for the job...  
  The House of Spies is an independent espionage organization run by Fallington Stacks, a wealthy man with lots of connections to various governments and intelligence entities. The aim of this company is said to be recruiting talented spies from across various places of the world to work together towards one goal regardless of their affiliation. Before embarking upon their assigned task, operatives are put through a series of puzzles and tests to ensure they are capable of completing the mission at hand. Many participants crack under the pressure, quit, are eliminated, or meet their demise before the ultimate challenge is even presented.  
What? What's wrong? Why do you look so scared? You're a talented agent. You have nothing to worry about. Whatever stories you heard about me, forget about them. People just don't want you to benefit from the awesomeness. They wanna hog all your epicness to themselves. You're an individual not to be controlled. Do what YOU want.  


There is one known leader at the top; Fallington Stacks. He makes himself known and his presence is almost always felt. He also has several employees working directly under him who keep things organized and make sure all operatives visiting from other companies are always in check.  
Who else? What do you mean? It's just me. I'm all you need. All these goons? They're just menial helpers. YOU can partner with me and actually join this place. Do you know how much you can make? Look at all these rooms! Look at all these perks! Look at all this cha ching! Tell me you don't want a part of this.  


The environment is made to seem fun and friendly, but there are creepy undertones at every corner. Spies gathered here are supposed to be working together, but tension is felt all around. Many are paranoid that everyone else has an ulterior motive and could possibly betray them.  
Some of the other spies here, they're from other companies. Don't worry about them. I've got my eye on YOU. You are promising. Those other guys? They're just here for formality. You won't have to worry about them after a while. ;)  

Public Agenda

Though the organization is kept secret from the public, many private spy companies are familiar with its existence. Everyone has their own opinion about the House of Spies. Many businesses don't trust allowing their operatives to visit or participate in any collaborations involving the organization in fears that their agents will be destroyed, injured, or convinced to turn against their company.  
Listen...we're good here. We're probably better than where you're coming from. Think about it...  


The House of Spies has various locations across the globe, but one of its most notable venues is a sky scraper on a remote island in the Pacific. There are several floors all with different themes. There are also boarding quarters for all visiting guests. In addition, many meeting rooms can be found, as well as training rooms and recreational rooms. The place is reminiscent of a resort.  
I'm so glad you've finally decided to join us! Here are the keys to your room. Good luck. ;)  
Commander McCox gives newbies the rundown:   I'm convinced the House of Spies is a death trap. They reach out to W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. sometimes and, nine times out of ten, we DO NOT comply. Fallington Stacks is some independent guy who somehow built his organization from the ground up. How he made so many connections and built a name for himself in this scene is baffling. He doesn't publicly announce any associates or assistants besides his body guards...actually, he doesn't publicly announce them either. We just see them. If you see him, there are going to be at least two bodyguards following him around.   His organization has fascinated W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. for a day, we're probably going to send some spies over there to get an inside scoop on what exactly is going on. But, we have to be really careful. If we send in the wrong ops, they might not come back.
Controlled Territories


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Sage 1337spectra
Gabrielle Decker
8 Aug, 2023 00:20

I love this article! The blend of fun and seriousness is gripping.   Just wanted to let you know I featured it in my Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge!

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Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
8 Aug, 2023 00:58

oh wow! that's very sweet. thanks so much for the showcase! <3

8 Aug, 2023 06:38

A great read, as suspected ^^
I like the Idea of an indipendant joint venture organization, that brings together the kind of people who should better not meet each other. xD

Have a look at my Treasured Companions Entry.
Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
8 Aug, 2023 11:31

lol a good way to put it ;D Glad you enjoyed! <3

Master Jdebro
James Debro
14 Aug, 2023 04:16

Great article! I love how you wrote how the House Of Spies appears benign to the public (appearing as a corporation), yet also remaining hidden in plain sight. The sense of paranoia and mistrust among its spies brought on by Stacks' own devious charm leaves me wanting to delve into the true nature of the House of Spies. Reminds of the Cerberus group of Mass Effect fame & the ICA from the Hitman video game series. Well Done.

Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
14 Aug, 2023 09:05

I'm so glad you were intrigued! Public yet secretive is definitely the vibe I was trying to get across. <3

21 Aug, 2023 15:34

First, the name Fallington Stacks is fantastic. I love the quotes from him too. It's a fun articles but still relays how dark and mysterious the House of Spies is. I also like your layout, it really adds to everything. Great articles, I really enjoyed reading it.

Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
21 Aug, 2023 19:44

oooo I appreciate you reading and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! <3 Much love.

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