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Fallington Stacks

  Fallington Stacks is the mysterious founder of the House of Spies. He prides himself on collaboration and teamwork, encouraging operatives to contribute to causes together regardless of affiliation.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known about this man's history. Many are unfamiliar with how he even managed to enter the espionage scene and where his riches come from.


Fallington is self-employed. He earns money by helping to facilitate collaborations between spy agencies. When missions are successful, he earns a cut of the profit. Though he does not directly participate in the tasks assigned, he contributes to the operations by preparing the agents and equipping them with devices and plans to aid them in their endeavors. He also arranges transportation and implements training runs to give spies practice before attempting maneuvers in the field.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Fallington has made a name for himself in the spy industry even if not everyone trusts his intentions. He has connections to multiple government entities and several independent organizations. He is also in contact with a plethora of freelance operatives who conduct business on their own without being attached to a company.

Intellectual Characteristics

Fallington is seen by many as a master manipulator. He is an expert at convincing people to change their minds and encouraging them to volunteer to carry out tasks that they are afraid to do. He is also suspected of fabricating stories when things go wrong, but his lies are so believable that no one can seem to find any evidence against them. His only fault is his untrustworthiness that causes people to second guess his statements.   Fallington is not known to be bilingual, but he often works with agents from all walks of life, ethnicities, and countries all over the world. Because of this, he is usually accompanied by translators who also work as his assistants and body guards.
Commander McCox gives newbies the rundown:   Fallington Stacks. That name is just about as believable as Someone Elsewood. I'm sure it's not his real name, but we may never find that out, so we've got to call him that or nothing.   Anyways, he's a mysterious guy and I don't trust him. Stacks, I mean. He owns this company called the House of Spies and he's always trying to get different agents from different organizations to help him accomplish high-stakes missions. If you ever get invited over there, I suggest you politely decline. I've heard some agents never come back. His place is giving Styrax vibes.
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