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Penthouse Thirty-Nine is one of the House of Spies various locations across the globe. It is one of the most iconic representations of the "house", as it is often the building most imagine when the organization is mentioned.

Purpose / Function

Penthouse Thirty-Nine is an elaborate facility made for spies to gather under Fallington Stacks' direction for various missions and meetings.

Sensory & Appearance

The place is very serene and modern like a welcoming resort, but there are creepy undertones that give you the impression that not all is right here.


Fallington Stacks is quite at home when visiting each of his House of Spies locations. He also invites many friends, acquaintences, and curious operatives in the espionage scene to join him. Many are skeptical about entering into any agreements with Fallington, but only those who sign the contract are allowed to enter the premises.

Contents & Furnishings

The furniture and decor is very modern, sleek, and inviting in the main sections of the facility

Hazards & Traps


Special Properties

Each floor in the building is unique in its own way. Several of the floors are fashioned in a way that makes you forget where you are. Each floor is constructed for different purposes and suits the needs of Fallington and his various challenges.


The building is sleek and modern. There is a unique twist in the archictecture that makes it appear to warp before your eyes when looking at it from the ground. In addition to being the thirty-ninth meeting place built for the House of Spies, the facility also has thirty-nine floors.


The building is soundproof and each window is bulletproof. There are several security measures in place including video surveillance, laser systems, and active guards manning the premises (both robotic and human).
Alternative Names
House of Spies, Main Location, The Penthouse
Owning Organization


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8 Aug, 2023 08:48

Question: In Hazards & Traps only the word "The" is written - it seems the rest of the text was lost to the Hazards and Traps within?

Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
8 Aug, 2023 11:41

';D lol I suppose so. Didn't even catch that. Welp. At least you've discovered a proper explanation for it. XP

25 Aug, 2023 05:37

Oooh - what types of things give off the creepy undertones vibe? Is it just the special properties? The place seems quite fitting for a spy-owned/used location. <3

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yeah thanks for checking out the article! I was going to elaborate but ran out of time lol. I suppose mainly the deal is, you're supposed to at least somewhat trust the organization you are working this case, the Penthouse39 is very appealing and alluring, but the staff and even some of the signage/wording/theming of each location within its premises make you feel a bit unsafe. In addition to rumors of spies not being heard from again after visiting...possibly even failing supposedly "harmless" training challenges could result in death...

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