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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

Although I have been a member of World Anvil for some time now, this was my first experience with Summer Camp. I was beyond excited to participate for the very first time. However, fate had other plans, and I found myself facing unexpected medical challenges along the way. But let me tell you, that didn't stop me from laying the groundwork for some awesome articles. They are an integral part of my plot's canon and I'm looking forward to fleshing them out more as time goes on. And guess what? Amidst my journey, I stumbled upon a few hidden treasures, articles that ignited my imagination and left me yearning for more. I have no doubt that you, too, will find them utterly captivating.


A Method Used to Carry Goods Over Long Distances

Manufactured Portals

The article is about magical portals formed by shards, which are manufactured by a granter and used for quick travel or transporting goods. Each portal has a unique personality based on the selected shards and requires an operator's authorization for use, and they gain energy from their shards and potential energy during transportation. These portals perceive their surroundings through various senses/sensors, understand their responsibilities, and interact with coworkers and frequent travelers. This is so unique and creative and I love it so much!


In Amy's world, portals are magical gateways that offer high-speed travel but at great ki (energy) cost which grows with distance and size. Only those born with open ki reserves can handle it, but risk exhaustion. Still, despite risks - such as being lost in the void from unstable portals (no biggie!) - they have proven valuable for quick commodity transport, leading to an established Portal Creation Guild, but were made illegal for mass transit after a devastating incident. I had to include this article because I feel like the portals and I have the same Entropy setting. I feel a kindred spirit lol!


This piece delves deeply into the Portal Gates of Syann. Shakeel el-Shahan offers a stirring narrative of a transformative journey with their dad, slowly unveiling a deeply personal family secret. Continuing with an examination of the Gates, the article investigates their beginning, activation procedures, and mystical alignment. The author sheds light on the extraordinary attributes of Moon Gates, Elf Gates, Vortex Gates, and Inter-world Gates, demonstrating their individual functions and talents. I love the way this article harmoniously weaves together narrative and exploration to unveil the intrigue and potential of these mystical gateways.


A Resource That Provides Fuel or Power


This piece examines the vital function of time in Megacorpolis, where companies are driven to optimize output within predetermined limitations. Despite efforts, time remains immutable and irreversible, driving both motivation and stress. Despite concerted attempts through measures like non-stop operation, cybernetic support, close observation, and performance-enhancing substances, time continues to be scarce, resulting in failed goals. Notably, TimeCo Inc. delves into temporal research, seeking to extend time's potential. Time's duality as a resource and constraint underscores the constant quest for efficient utilization in the corporate realm. I appreciate Qurilion's clever juxtaposition of the relentless pursuit of productivity within Megacorpolis and the immutable nature of time.

Beakers ‘One-Cheek-Sneak’

Solomon Turner discusses how an unexpected individual named Beaker has revitalized the messenger business. Beaker, originally a food truck chef, has transformed the messenger team's capabilities by providing them with exceptional energy and skills. The team now outperforms professional runners in delivering packages, thanks to Beaker's special spices that enhance their performance. Despite rumors of potential drugs being involved, Solomon dismisses such claims and highlights Beaker's culinary talents as the source of his messenger team's newfound success. The only minor drawback mentioned is that some messengers experience excessive gas due to Beaker's spicy food, humorously referred to as "Beakers 'One-Cheek-Sneak'." This article captivates me with its humor and ingenious portrayal of culinary skills transforming into an unconventional energy source, breathing life into the messenger business.

Distilled Mana

The article explores the concept of "Distilled Mana," a physical manifestation of magic that originates from something called the manaspace. Different kinds of magic make this substance look and act differently. For example, when chaos magic is distilled, it looks like glitter, and when shifting magic is distilled, it looks like pale smoke. Scientists later recreated the process to make other kinds of magic. Mana that has been distilled can be used as a controlled power source for things like generators, vehicles, protection spells, and the fusing of items. But it is dangerous to handle because it can cause magical burns and mutations, so it is usually kept in crystalline containers. The concept of "Distilled Mana" truly shines as an imaginative and innovative fusion of magic and the tangible , offering a fresh perspective on magical systems.


A Powerful Organization In Your World

Carnival of Paene

The article introduces the "Carnival of Paene," a malevolent organization that uses eerie attractions to lure and manipulate audiences, draining their emotions for power. The carnival's characters include the enigmatic Ringmaster, the mesmerizing Serpent Enchantress, the twisted Centaur, the haunting Fortune Teller, and the tormented Shard Master. Each character has unique motivations centered around inducing fear and despair. The carnival's unsettling atmosphere and characters provide a rich source of story potential for role-playing campaigns. I found the storytelling intriguing enough that it could also be good for inspiration for writers. The idea is too cool. (Besides... who doesn't like Venetian masks?)

House of Spies

The House of Spies, led by the enigmatic Fallington Stacks, is an underground espionage group recruiting talented agents worldwide, irrespective of affiliations, to collaborate on high-stakes missions. Operatives face rigorous tests and puzzles before assignments, with an aura of camaraderie masking underlying tension and mistrust. Stacks, backed by employees, projects a charismatic presence, drawing intrigue from spy companies while the organization's island skyscraper hideaway adds an element of luxury and mystique. It's a blend of the unexpected and the adventurous, which makes it a standout feature that's likely to engage anyone's imagination.

Lorgan's Notes: The Finders

This article discusses the Finders, a sub-organization within the Hallowed Collective in the Evenacht, a supernatural realm for ghosts. They are responsible for welcoming new spirits and redeeming condemned ones. Originally, they existed to facilitate the transition process for deceased people. Greeters were initially established to guide newcomers, and then Finders were formed to regulate and enhance the redemption process. However, bribery, abuse, and the dangers of redemption have emerged. I love the way this article is styled to look like pages from a notebook. It's unique, creative, and very informative, without being overwhelming.



Finish Nation Articles
Diplomacy Web
Finish Species Articles
Develop some technology
Develop Evelynn, Julius, and Iethre
Work out the major gaps in my plot
Work on map and finish map pins
Decide on branding themes
Create and deploy my author's website
Finish the game from Adventure April

Many of my goals revolve around fleshing out the articles I wrote during Summer Camp. Being as most of them are cannon, they're really important. I am thoroughly looking forward to developing some of them out - I have some big ideas for some of them.

That being said, I think I learned my lesson in moderation. Since I didn't meet my goal (diamond), I feel like I failed, even though I've still got more articles than I did before. It's a bit difficult to rationalize that logic subconsciously and that's not beneficial to anyone.

Thinking of it like that, I can say I am content with what I've achieved. Summer Camp was a lot of fun, and thank you to everyone who showed me love and support throughout!


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Aug 8, 2023 01:17 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Congrats on whatever you were able to accomplish! Don't feel like a failure. You should be proud of all the progress you made this month. This is a nice summary. I love your world's css and theming, by the way. :) Much success with your future plans! I, myself, have to try and finish a game from last year's Adventure April lol so don't feel bad. XP Also, thanks again for featuring my article! I'm glad you enjoyed reading. <3 Do rest up and take care of yourself! Sending prayers, love, and healing hugs your way.

Aug 8, 2023 01:46 by Gabrielle Decker

I wish I could add more, I really wanted to, but I'm having a very difficult time concentrating lately, so I apologize if my summary seemed lackluster. I do think your article is very much worth highlighting, and I did really enjoy it. Hopefully, I'll feel better before the end of the month so I can spice this article up a bit and give it the proper energy it deserves! Thank you for your kind words, they're very reassuring for me right now. Much appreciated <3

Aug 8, 2023 03:31 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

<3 no need to worry about adding more! the description was great!

Aug 8, 2023 13:26 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Congratulations on writing 22 articles for Summer Camp, especially with some health issues over the month. That's such a great success. <3   Great selection of articles! :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Aug 8, 2023 15:05 by Gabrielle Decker

Thank you so much! And thank you for taking the time to read them ❤️

Aug 9, 2023 17:32 by Jaime Buckley

Thank you for including me in your list =) Gratz on your success with SC!!

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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Aug 10, 2023 04:43 by Gabrielle Decker

Thank you! Congrats on your successes as well.

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