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Eivrall is an awe-inspiring literary realm where the forces of magic and technology exist in a delicate balance. My name is Arlo Lighthost, the steadfast sentinel of the Help Desk, and I am here to guide you on your journey through this world.

Those unfamiliar with the Athenaeum should begin with The Archivist's Introduction found in the site's Information section. Your understanding of the world will be founded on the insights and guidance of the Archivist, the keeper of our collective knowledge and history.

As you navigate the Athenaeum, you may notice the Archivist's content in its uniquely styled box. This sets their expertise apart from the rest.

But be warned, the journey through Eivrall is not always easy. You may encounter tales of pain and heartache as we bear witness to the destruction and devastation caused by the greed and ambition of others.

Head's Up

The Archivist's boxes will look like this.
Content warning: Some articles contain sensitive content. These will be flagged on top of the article sidebar.

But do not lose hope. We can create a better future by reflecting on the past. Walk the Archivist's Burning Path, and as you navigate through the articles and stories of Eivrall, keep an eye out for cues that will help you along your way. And don't forget to use the search bar and navigate through the categories to explore all that Eivrall has to offer. Remember, I'll be here for help should you need it.

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