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Archivist's Introduction

What if I told you that history has it wrong?

I remember it all so vividly: Eivrall, where all creatures commanded the power of magic. The air hummed with its energy, and it coursed through my veins like a river of fire. I have lived through the most ancient of times, and, like a phantom limb, I can still remember the sense of power that once filled these lands. Yes, the Earth's original name was Eivrall, and history has it all wrong.

The world was breathtaking, and the earth’s magic was a source of wonder to me. I had grown up seeing humans, elves and other mythical creatures walking side by side, learning from each other and helping each other when needed. Of course, conflict arose, but nothing that could shake the world's foundations. The magic bound us all together in a way that words cannot do justice. This is how the world was for thousands of years. Many years have passed, but I still find myself longing for those simpler days.

As the years marched steadily onward, new possibilities took shape. Everywhere you looked, something new had emerged from the depths of creativity and ambition. Bones and clay were exchanged for stone and leather. People quickly discovered that combining certain materials as magical conduits could augment their power. With this newfound confidence, the world ventured into the unknown and life was never the same again.

The introduction of metal changed the world forever. We saw an uneasy balance form between this manmade substance and magic that shook the world to its core, and it both terrified and fascinated us. You could feel the energy of those around you, their unspoken worries that technology was replacing magic. As if to punctuate the fear, electricity, steam, and metal took center stage in our lives, creating new modes of travel and communication that tore at our spiritual connections. Despite the tension between technology and magic, peace remained as the divide between them grew.

The world's rapid industrialization became increasingly obvious as the days passed. As our lives became easier and easier, all we could do was watch in awe as technology continued its relentless march forward. Inventions and tools arrived on the market overnight, as if by some otherworldly force. Companies competed for customers and resources and fights broke out between the major players. The magic within our world seemed to be fading away.

It wasn't long before war engulfed the world. Every corner of existence seemed to be burning and collapsing. As people lost loved ones, as I did, tear-streaked faces became the norm, and everywhere I looked there was agony and despair caused by the cruel companies who turned a blind eye to the calamity they caused.

I watched the world crumble to ashes and all hope seemed lost. Desperate and despairing, we called out to the gods for help, but we had little faith that they could end the carnage and restore peace to the world. In retrospect, I'm not sure we deserved anyone's assistance.

It's like a broken record, the cycle of pain and recurring stories that feel all too familiar. I've heard it countless times in my nightmares, and now it's happening again. We've all heard it before - history repeats itself.
Only, this time, we don't have our magic.


But I refuse to let this story end in despair. I have dedicated my life to preserving the memories and teachings of our magical past, in the hopes that one day, we may reclaim what we have lost.

This is where your journey begins, dear reader.

You are about to embark on the Burning Path, a journey of discovery and enlightenment. As we travel down this path, we will explore the magic that once filled this world, the technology and science that shaped our society, and the characters that left their mark on history.

Through this journey, we will piece together our history and seek to understand the lessons it holds for us today. It is about discovering the ways in which we can avoid repeating the same mistakes and finding a way to bring peace and harmony back to Earth.

But be warned, the Burning Path is not for the faint of heart. It will challenge your beliefs and test your understanding of the world. Are you brave enough to traverse this scorching trail of truth? Dare you walk down the path of enlightenment and fully comprehend the profundity of Eivrall? Are you ready to set out on a voyage of awareness, an experience that will prepare you to read my book and understand the intricate, diverse world that led to what I just shared with you?

Then venture forth, dear reader. The Burning Path awaits you.


All artwork by Gabrielle Decker.

Cover image: The Archivist by Gabrielle Decker


Author's Notes

I took the opportunity to make the Introduction/Primer to my world a brief glimpse at the plot of my book. It is told by the Archivist, the protagonist of my first book, Electric Sanctuary. My WA pages are meant to be traversed as if you are preparing to read my book (which... could work, except it's an excuse while I'm still writing it :P)

I designed this article to be as responsive and mobile-friendly as possible. If you have any issues, please let me know!

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Dec 29, 2022 00:21

Oh. My. GAWDS.   This is so awesome! There's so much detail, so many little things I can click! Lights! Moving things! Awesome backgrounds! Where do I start? Where do I end? Do I overload my computer with so many tabs it can't keep up? I THINK I WILL!

Dec 29, 2022 00:39 by Gabrielle Decker

Ahahahaha! Thank you! I can't believe I accidentally deleted my first intro, but in a way I'm grateful! I rushed to get this done in a matter of days!

Dec 29, 2022 00:48

You did really well!

Dec 29, 2022 01:04 by Gabrielle Decker

Danke schön!

Dec 31, 2022 19:25 by Kwyn Marie

I love the article formatting. The scrolling past multiple background pictures is very appealing to me.

Dec 31, 2022 20:56 by Gabrielle Decker

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun making this. It's definitely my most style-heavy article, although a few others come close!

Jan 5, 2023 11:59 by Annie Stein

This is such an amazing way to go about a primer! I stumbled over your world when reading peoples reading challenges, and I was just, I had to go digging further and learn what this world was all about. I think the gamification and the burning path is such an interesting idea, and I may end up borrowing it. I'm excited to see things fill in more, and see what'll come next.   I also wanted to let you know that I featured this article and your world in my New Years Recommendations

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Jan 5, 2023 13:27 by Gabrielle Decker

Wow, I'm honored! Thank you so much! I have a ton over a hundred articles already, but since I didn't have many subscribers, I allowed my perfectionism to persuade me it was okay to keep them all private until I felt like I had fully developed them. You may have just convinced me to get over it and publish articles, even if they're just tidbits of ideas. Thank you, nnie!

Jan 5, 2023 13:43 by Annie Stein

I'm so glad to hear it ♡ Perfectionism can be a really useful driving force, but not when it gets in your way by telling you to hold back. I absolutely think you're ready to start putting yourself and your work out there! (My mentor used to tell me "If you feel totally ready, you waited too long" )

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I... can't think of a logical defense to that. Touché :P I think I will add to my NY Resolution article to put more content out there!

Feb 4, 2023 12:10

I am a bit late in the conversation, but I was just looking at what people did to win the contest to get inspired, and saw this page. I agree with all the above, this is a very appealing page and very well designed.   Please do follow your new year's resolution and put more content out there!   Congrats on the winning!   Cheers,

Feb 4, 2023 20:44 by Gabrielle Decker

Thank you so much! It's comments like these that give me the confidence I need to put more stuff out there, so be on the lookout! I really appreciate it!

Feb 15, 2023 21:04 by Jacqueline Yang

This is amazing. It's so beautiful and visual interesting. And wonderfully written. I just want to stare at this page, and look at the artwork. Read between the lines of your text. You definitely deserved to win Best Plot. Congrats!

Feb 15, 2023 21:12 by Gabrielle Decker

Wow, thank you so much! This warms my heart and is very encouraging. Again, thank you!

Mar 5, 2023 16:10

Dear god, I legitimately cannot fathom how I am in the same short list for WAWA as this article! I am blown away by your skill and humbled by the beauty of this arcticle. Best of luck to you with the vote!   Additionally, a question: How quickly does metal "kill" (for a lack of better term) spiritual/magical aspects of things? Could they coexist for brief periods, or is it an instant change?

Yours truly, Nino.
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To learn about my main world click on this link! (if you want to ;) )
Mar 6, 2023 01:42 by Gabrielle Decker

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I really like your world, too. It's super creative, and I am happy to add it to my reading list! As for your question: So if we were to be technical about it, the metal itself doesn't cause negative physical responses in an of itself. It's more along the lines of.... too much of anything is bad for you. With people implanting cybernetics, constantly surrounded by the frequencies from the technology, etc., it interferes with their own physiology. I haven't gone into great detail about it yet, but there's a little bit more of an explanation on my magic system article: That article is going to end up being a category on it's own because I have a lot to go into detail about!

Mar 5, 2023 18:18 by Lilliana Casper

Oh suns, this is amazing. The style, the world, the story, everything. I can't wait to read more of it. Good luck writing your book!

Lilliana Casper   I don't comment much, but I love reading your articles! Please check out my worlds, Jerde and Tread of Darkness.
Mar 6, 2023 01:43 by Gabrielle Decker

Thank you so much for your kind words! If there's anything you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to ask!

Dec 1, 2023 17:19 by Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia

Wow! I don't know how I missed this last year. What great storytelling, amazing article, and the styling/CSS/art is insanely good. Definitely a deserved award.

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Dec 2, 2023 01:29 by Gabrielle Decker

Wow, thank you so much! Thank you for reading!

Apr 22, 2024 16:08

How do you make the pictures be in the background and change as you scroll? It's so cool!

Apr 22, 2024 22:39 by Gabrielle Decker

That's called parallax! Takes some tinkering around with CSS. Do you know much about CSS?

Apr 24, 2024 00:25

A little, I'm going to take a class on it this summer.

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