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Shatar (ˈʃə.tɑr)

The Shatar are a fascinating and powerful species, known for their immunity to psychic and mental magics, their ability to see in the dark, and their command of the dark arts. However, their origin is a subject of debate; some believe they are extraterrestrial, while others believe they are extraplanar or extradimensional. What is certain is that they value strength and intelligence, with a meritocratic society that encourages both men and women to pursue their interests and talents. The Shatar also value physical strength and combat ability, leading to a societal bias towards those who excel in these areas.



The Shatar are similar in many ways to humans but are distinguished by their horns. These horns can take various shapes, including curved like a ram's, tall and straight like a gazelle's, or spiraling upward like an antelope's. They have a similar rate of growth and development to humans, reaching adulthood at around 18-20 years old. Their diet consists primarily of grains, fruits, vegetables, and meats, but they also enjoy indulgences like sweets and alcohol. Due to their ability to survive in harsh conditions, they do not require much food and can go without it for extended periods of time. Their keen senses and ability to see in the dark make them well-suited for hunting and combat. They are also known for their high intelligence and quick reflexes, making them formidable opponents in any situation.



The Shatar have a meritocratic society, valuing strength and intelligence above all else. Gender is not a factor in their societal hierarchy, with both men and women holding positions of power and leadership. They do not have strict gender roles, and both genders are encouraged to pursue their interests and talents. Still, physical strength and battle ability are highly valued by the Shatar, resulting in a cultural bias towards individuals who are successful in these areas.

In the Shatar culture, beauty is viewed in terms of physical strength, mental acuity, and poise. As such, they tend to favor individuals who demonstrate these qualities through their appearance and behavior. Physical strength is held in particularly high regard, and the Shatar are known to admire athletic prowess and capabilities. Both men and women are expected to take great care of their appearance, with men being admired for their muscular, athletic build and women being admired for their youth and attractiveness.

The Shatar value a strong and independent partner, and courtship is often seen as a test of strength and compatibility. It is common for potential mates to engage in competitions or challenges to determine their suitability for a relationship. Physical attraction is also important, with the horns of the Shatar being a big determinant of their attractiveness. Marriage is seen as a strategic alliance and is often arranged by families or leaders to benefit both parties.

The Shatar value strength and intelligence in their relationships. They are a militaristic and meritocratic society, where relationships are based on power dynamics and the ability to provide for one's partner. Marriage is seen as a political and strategic alliance, rather than a romantic one. The Shatar also place great importance on family and loyalty to one's kin. They view betrayal as one of the worst crimes and often punish it severely.


Etiquette, both military and civilian, is highly formal and ritualized. In social situations, it is customary to show proper respect to one's superiors, and people are expected to stand when addressing someone of higher social status. Greetings often involve a kiss on the cheek or on the hand. Table manners are also very important, and people are expected to use their fingers to eat and to avoid making loud noises or spilling food. In military settings, strict discipline and respect are always expected, and all members of the military are expected to stand at attention when addressing a superior officer and to salute when passing a flag. Physical fitness and bravery in battle are highly valued and rewarded.

Selfishness is seen as a great taboo by the Shatari due to its destructive power. They have long had a saying for it in their native language: "You have a devil on your shoulder". Additionally, disrespecting authority figures is not tolerated among the Shatari as they value obedience to one's superiors over individual freedom. Displays of arrogance and entitlement are also discouraged, as they are seen as a sign of weakness.

The dress code is practical, functional, and focused on the needs of the individual in combat or other hazardous situations. Clothing is designed to allow for ease of movement and to protect the wearer, and uniforms and insignia are used to denote rank and achievements. Colors and patterns may be used to distinguish different units or to signify certain ranks or achievements, but they are chosen for their practicality and visibility rather than for their aesthetic appeal. Overall, the dress code reflects the values and priorities of the society, with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and readiness for war.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The culture of the Shatar is heavily influenced by Meshev, their closest neighboring nation. Nevertheless, their culture is distinguished by pessimism, minimalism, and stoicism, which is most evident in their art, architecture, and literature, which commonly expresses melancholy and pessimism. They have a strong military culture in which honor, strength, and bravery are highly valued. Additionally, their culture is heavily influenced by their ties to the Kaxlese, who gave them access to knowledge that was unavailable elsewhere and allowed them to advance their technology and science.

The Shatari value education as a means to a better life and consider extracurricular activities to be essential components of any educational program. They are also avid gamblers and appreciate the thrill of betting on games such as dice or cards in their leisure time. In terms of courtship and marriage customs, arranged marriages are preferred as they cement political and social alliances while also protecting property rights and producing legitimate heirs.

Average Technological Level

The Shatar possess an impressive level of technological sophistication and innovation that is second only to that of the Kaxlese. They have developed advanced technologies, such as advanced weaponry and transportation systems, and are known for their expertise in the dark arts. Their society is focused on militaristic pursuits, and their technological advancements reflect this focus, with a focus on military technology and weaponry. However, they also have a strong tradition of craftsmanship and art, and their technology is often beautifully designed and crafted. Overall, the Shatar are a technologically advanced species, with a deep understanding of both science and the arcane.

Interspecies Relations

The Shatar are a species that values all life, believing that all beings should be treated with dignity. They recognize the contributions of other sapient or intelligent species, but they are also willing to use force to protect their own interests and defend their territory. They can be hostile towards those they view as inferior or untrustworthy, often imposing heavy taxes or restrictions on them. However, they believe that tough love is necessary to prepare the world for Sar'ach, and so they sometimes use it as a method of teaching rather than aggression. They value strong relationships with other species, often forming strategic alliances through arranged marriages. These unions are seen to strengthen political and social ties while protecting property rights and producing legitimate heirs. The Shatar also have a deep respect for the Kaxlese people, who gave them access to knowledge that was unavailable anywhere else and allowed them to advance their technology and science.


The Shatar have had a long and tumultuous history, often coming into conflict with other species due to their militaristic tendencies. They have fought bravely in many battles, displaying incredible physical prowess and courage on the battlefield. Despite this, they have also had positive relationships with other species; for example, they developed a close relationship with the Kaxlese, who provided them with knowledge unavailable elsewhere. This allowed them to advance their technology and science to unprecedented heights.

In the past, they attempted to rid the universe of a powerful force called Sar'ach, but it proved too strong for them to defeat. When they tried to kill it, it became enraged and began destroying everything in its path, including the Shatar themselves. Its power warped everything, including their DNA, and caused them to develop their distinctive physical traits.

Sar'ach followed them to Eivrall but disappeared shortly after their arrival. The Shatar were left with a shattered world and no hope of returning home. They were forced to rebuild their society from the ground up, using only their own strength and knowledge as tools. They created a militaristic and meritocratic culture, believing that strength and intelligence should be valued over all else. They built powerful cities and constructed technological marvels that allowed them to thrive despite the polluted environment of Thar’kenes.

The Shatar's culture has been shaped by its past experiences, both good and bad. They believe that tough love is necessary for everyone's benefit, even if it may be seen as oppressive or hostile by other species, in an attempt to prepare them for Sar’ach’s eventual return, which could spell disaster for all life on Eivrall if not prepared for appropriately.

100-125 years
Average Intelligence
Average Height
5’3” - 6’3”
Average Weight
150-250 lbs.
Average Physique
Major Organizations
Thar'kenes Leadership
Bluesys International Armaments

Skin Tones
Eye Colors
Hair Colors
You have a devil on your shoulder.
Urban Shatar Youth by Gabrielle Decker


Shatari Names

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